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"the dark side" - press

Ted Mahar The Oregonian

"If you watch only one documentary this decade, make it 'The Dark Side.' Also, record it. … You will want to rewind it from time to time to be sure that you really heard what you heard. …"

Molly Willow The Columbus Dispatch

"… [A] show so terrifying it might make you look at the world differently. There are sinister characters, conspiracies, violence and plenty of intrigue. And it's all true.

"The Dark Side is a fascinating look at the egos and personal agendas that go into shaping U.S. foreign policy -- presented by people who were part of it. Regardless of how someone might feel about the war, the story of how we got there should give anyone pause."

Sam Allis The Boston Globe

"… 'The Dark Side' is riveting television, heavily reported, that exemplifies what 'Frontline' does best: go inside a major story and give us context. …

"While many of these strands are familiar, they have not been assembled as effectively before on television to present a coherent picture of what happened after 9/11. …"

Tony Perry Los Angeles Times

"… 'Dark Side' seems to have the goods -- interviews with White House, CIA and National Security Agency types who saw firsthand the struggle between Cheney and Tenet over control of intelligence after Sept. 11. …

"… [A]s an inside look at two serious men having a serious dispute over a damn serious matter, 'Dark Side' could serve as a primer on how Washington really works, where ego needs and policy questions swirl in the same pot while the nation awaits the outcome. …

"'Dark Side' is a high-drama tale of power and influence …"

Glenn Garvin The Miami Herald

"It's probably too much to hope for, but all the Michael Moores, Arianna Huffingtons and Bill Mahers of the world really ought to watch tonight's episode of Frontline, which traces the Bush administration turf wars and intelligence botches that preceded the invasion of Iraq. Precisely because it avoids looney-tune conspiracy theories about Halliburton and oil pipelines, and stays away from name-calling in favor of old-fashioned journalism Frontline presents a powerful indictment of the White House's decision to go to war. …

"Tough though the program is on Cheney and Rumsfeld, it refrains from the kind of mindless character assassination that has unfortunately colored much of the debate over the war. …

"… [T]his program is a textbook analysis of the uses and misuses of intelligence. Don't miss it."

Tom Dorsey The Courier-Journal (Louisville, Ky.)

"… Running like a rapid current below the surface of this report is a look at power, personalities and politics, which reveals how policy is shaped when we find ourselves involved in wars. Fans of Cheney aren't going to like the portrait painted here. …"

Alessandra Stanley The New York Times

"… 'The Dark Side' is so intent on hammering home how Mr. Cheney twisted arms -- and the facts -- that it allows the C.I.A. to whitewash its own failings. …

"… 'The Dark Side' shows how the Bush administration tried to bend naysayers to its will. It's a shame that it doesn't shed more light on why so many complied."

Alex Strachan Ottowa Citizen

"… jaw-dropping and eye-opening …"

"As a documentary, The Dark Side is neither judgmental nor sanctimonious. Nor is it an example of Monday morning quarterbacking -- or Tuesday night quarterbacking, if you prefer. It is simply what it is: a valiant effort to tell a complicated tale in simple, objective terms. …

"The Dark Side is fascinating viewing."

Verne Gay Newsday

"… Three years after the start of the war, this oft-told story is now covered with a thick layer of dust. 'Frontline' needs a bombshell to blow it all away. No bombshell ever comes, although the tale remains as numbing and depressing as ever. …"

Ellen Gray Philadelphia Daily News

"… Some of this won't come as news to those whose news doesn't come exclusively from 'Entertainment Tonight,' but it's an interesting hour-and-a-half, and now, with support for the Iraq war waning, more people might be interested in how we got to this point. …"

Paul Farhi The Washington Post

"… It's a solid document about a serious, complicated subject. Historians will be arguing about the war for decades. This is a pretty good starting point for those debates."

Roger Catlin The Hartford Courant

"Clearly laid out, with ominous music and sober narration, and appropriately titled 'The Dark Side,' a chilling new documentary on tonight's 'Frontline' has the patina of a horror film. …"

David Bianculli Fort-Worth Star Telegram

"… instantly gripping …"

Mark Rahner The Seattle Times

"… [a] damning 90-minutes exposé …"

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posted june 20, 2006

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