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How does technology affect the way you live?

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you can research the internet on subjects for school work or home work, and its wonderful. this is the public space now in the virtual world of the internet.

people need to know the risks of credit cards online and how to be safe when using it. and the benefits of credit cards online and online banking.

and all the members of the dating sites and even disability dating sites, need to update their personal info, if it changed every year. and there is an automatic message that says go to the update membership info. and they can track any bad people down, on dating sites, to make it safe. people should feel safe and secure when dating online.

dating sites should look into safe guards for example police checks, to make sure who is bad and is not. Dating sites should keep sex offenders off of dating sites. Dating sites should be safe. Dating sites should protect its members to make sure who you are dealing with, are nice people, not bad people. Dating sites should screen its members before anyone, can have full access to the site, like activation codes that the company sends thourgh the mail, and you have to enter your phone number and your real name, and your zip/postal code. and enter your birthdate and this will make sure you are, who you say you are. Keep Bad people off of these sites and make sure they are accountable for their actions. and the activation code has an id code. everytime you sign up, you get the activation code in the mail. and have the personal information on a private network, and use a company called Hacker safe. to make sure no one breaks in and steals the information you gave. and this will keep everyone safe. Please put this in a follow up report thanks. for dating sites to have tips to know how to keep its members safe. and its free. Bad people don't give out personal info, they want to hide, behind a nickname for no one to know who they are. so this will make sure good people are the only ones on dating sites.

have activation codes for disability for dating sites mostly but for other dating sites too. and the internet opened up a whole new world now, you can date people in the same country as you or in the same town/city as you. and its wonderful but the sites need to be kept safe and secure. and the activation codes get sent in the mail when you sign up and its free. and you only can sign up once for an account. and have codes of conduct and rules for the dating sites for disability people and other people as well. the sites need to do something, to make people feel safe and at ease when dating online. its fun and exciting to meet people online but it needs to be done in a safe and secure manner. the dating sites need to look into putting in safe guards thanks.

Talk in a report about safe guards for dating sites for disability people. people with disabilities are more venerable then most. and they need to protect their members. some of the examples are activation code with an id code, that you only enter once to gain full access to the site, its different then a password. and screen the members by their real name and birth date and phone number and zip/postal code. keep bad people off of dating sites for disability people mostly. but on other sites too, there should be safe guards as well. and keep sex offenders off of dating sites and disability dating sites. to know who they are. and who you are dealing with are nice people. there are sites on the internet for disability dating but there has to be safe guards in place at all times. because people who are bad wants to hide behind a nickname and not give out their personal info. but have the personal info on a private network and have a company called hacker safe. that will be safe.

main rule someone goes by is never give out any info you would not give out in the off line world , you wouldn't give out your personal info to a stranger on a street corner , then don't do it on the net . and someone never uses credit cards ,I dont trust them

this is my bullying story. Bullying happens, and it is a learned behaviour. Students in my classrooms bullied me. They were copying the behaviour of the teachers. People should say "sorry" and own up when they bully someone. Nobody is perfect--yes, you might get in trouble when you own up to your bullying. But lying about it is worse. Once I accidentally bumped into a teacher and to "teach me a lesson" a teacher's aid body-checked me and asked me how I liked it. I did apologize and said it was an accident when I bumped the teacher. I think the teacher's aid bullied me by treating me this way. Another teacher aid told me that when I got to high school, she would feed me my pills like a baby. I can feed myself! I felt anxious and confused when teachers bullied me and when a teacher aid stamped her foot. When I was little a school bus driver hit my face. Nothing happened to the driver. One teacher put me in time out because I was cold and didn't want to take my coat off. My nose started bleeding. At least he said he was sorry, but other teachers didn't. I don't believe people in authority should be allowed to treat students this way. They should have to treat people the way they want to be treated, just the same as the students. Staff should follow a professional code of conduct. The school should hold them accountable. They shut their ears to bullying when teachers bully kids. They should be role models and show respect, care and love. They tell us not to bully but they do it themselves. We are helpless in schools. Teachers and school staff can run and hide, students can't. It also hurts when you tell someone you were bullied and people don't believe you, or when the person who bullied you lies about it to protect themselves from getting in trouble, or when other people lie for the bully. This isn't fair. I had teachers say I'm lying when I've said I've been hurt. Teachers shouldn't lie and say they didn't see anything wrong happen when they did. My brother got bullied when he was in school and the parents and school didn't do anything about it. Bullying happens to other people, too, not just my brother. I got a death threat from someone online and they said they want to hit me with a baseball bat. This is cyber bullying. I deleted my account. Bullying isn't healthy for the bully or for the victim. Bullies want power over their victims. We need to put an end to bullying, it makes everyone sad. It hurts badly. I believe we have the right to go to a secure and safe school. People should at least say "sorry."

I use to volunteer for wired safety but they don't understand people with special needs. so I asked people in motion if I could start up a program there and stand out then other internet safety non profits, because we have the expertise about special needs people. and I did a few internet safety presentations already and it went over and now people in motion is looking into funding, so yeah I am making the internet better for people with special needs. I am special needs too. so I teach people about internet safety for special needs people. and I study internet safety everyday to learn more. and I love the internet. the internet is lots of fun, but you need to be aware of the risks.

The Internet is very addicting and fun and wonderful and great for volunteer work or paid work. I go on ability and it is a fun site and you should never give out your personal information in public on that site and if you do, they remove it quickly and also when you sign up they want your personal info to track down bad people or predators if there are anyone bad on the site, and also the site has hosts to make sure people are being friendly and nice to each other. and ability online is fun and exciting and fantastic. that's what makes ability online safe. and they also have police and lawyers on the board of directors. and yeah I would be lost without the internet. ability online also makes people use their real name because they find people are more honest and better behave using a real name, then hiding behind a nickname. I learned on the internet is don't post links in chatrooms because their could be a virus even on safe sites, I didn't know that before. I also learned people are very picky about their computers and if they tell you don't send it don't. and I learned alot of things on the internet. I am a young adult and I teach special needs people about internet safety. I learned to not copy and paste because it can get you into trouble by the law, and also ask for permission before you copy and past something, always talk to the copy right holder and give credit for their work. I find the internet is very useful. Stop,Block, Tell and do something for 5 minutes when something upsets you online. special needs people are very venerable then most on the internet. Its the cyberbullies fault, not yours. cyberbullying hurts and can kill for some people, lets curb bullying online and off. Treat people how you would like to be treated with respect. teachers bullied me and body checked me and a school bus driver hit my face when I was little, nothing happened. Teachers and school staff lies to get out of trouble, any kind of bullying hurts even on or off. Hang in there and be strong. people like you in this world, so please don't commit suicide. everyone cares about you in this world. Your family and friends will miss you if you passed away. Parents don't take the internet away if someone bullies your kids online. Please kids tell your parents what is happening and they will help you. we are in this together. Be safe!!!



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