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It Starts While They're Still in Diapers

It Starts While They're Still in Diapers

This seven month old baby is my babysitter's niece. She loves all technology, but especially laptops. We decided to shoot her playing with one, figuring it might be a good image to use in... Read more ...

Giving Digital Natives Their Due

Recently, a college-age viewer in Chicago sent this comment to the Digital Nation team, about our current project and our previous film for FRONTLINE, Growing Up Online: I watched "Growing Up Online" and was greatly... Read more ...

Forum on Our Digital Future

The discussion covered a range of issues raised in our FRONTLINE/World special about South Korea: The Most Wired Place on Earth, including Internet addiction and the rise of Korea's wired culture, as well as what... Read more ...

Digital Natives / Digital Immigrants Ctd.

The discussion on Digital Natives and Digital Immigrants continues. A reader writes: In working with K-12 students and teachers for the past twenty plus years I can tell you with complete certainty there is a... Read more ...

Digital Natives Ctd.

Here are some more thoughts we've received in response to my posts on the haziness surrounding the terms Digital Native and Digital Immigrant. It seems people don't like to be defined by such simple labels.... Read more ...


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posted February 2, 2010

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