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The Art of Flying

August 03, 2009 _ 12:22 / Caitlin McNally / comments (3)

Recently, I went up in a small Cessna plane above the San Francisco Bay area with Philip Rosedale, the founder of Second Life. We were on a mission to find gorgeous Northern California landscapes to film -- eventually, our hope is to cut these real landscapes with the sumptuous hills, oceans and valleys in the virtual world of Second Life. Philip and I are also both pilots-in-training (he's an expert; I'm just starting). It intrigued me to discover his background as a pilot. It somehow made sense that the guy who dreamed up a virtual reflection of human experience would get deep satisfaction from the freedom and exhilaration of flying a plane.

Philip and I had a conversation about the difference between flying in real life and flying in the virtual world. He mused on the danger inherent in flying a real plane versus the safety and whimsy of flying virtually. Here, the division between the real and the virtual is stark. But he also mentioned a fascinating fact: some people haven't been able to jump off bridges in Second Life, because their connection to their avatar is that strong, that visceral.

Airplane5.jpgHere's a little teaser of the footage from the flight; enough just to get us off the ground. Now we're working to find landscapes in Second Life to match our soaring real-world aerial shots (and, by the way, if you're active in Second Life and know of some beautiful places for us to visit and film in-world, speak up here!). We'll see how it all comes together, and we'll show you in the documentary when it airs next year.

-- Caitlin


film in Toronto Canada.

KRYSTIAN / September 04, 2009 _ 10:19

Also- the most beautiful place on earth- we think- BC Canada...diversity within the one province...from huge lakes with rolling hills , snowy mountains, and orchards in the Okanagan Valley to Rocky Mountains, Cascade Mountains.. and those along the coast.. well.. each area has it own surprises.. Also just drive the highway from Calgary , Alberta to Revelstoke , BC or further for AWE inspiring visions.
By the way, Iceland also.. is unique visually...and all their power comes from geysers.. no carbon footprint

serina davi (SL) / September 16, 2009 _ 10:38

Film in Kamloops BC Canada. and Put Kamloops BC Canada on the Map.

Anonymous / September 19, 2009 _ 22:06


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