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The new and improved Digital Nation

August 20, 2009 _ 23:18 / Rachel Dretzin / comments (1)

Welcome to the new and improved Digital Nation website. We've redesigned it to make it more interactive and easier to navigate. We've also added some new content. Let us know what you think.

There's much to explore on this very deep website. Check out the interactive body map of a digital native in Living Faster, and watch writer Abby Pogrebin talk about how she and her husband read Kindles under the covers at night. In Virtual Worlds, watch our footage of a virtual therapy session with a vet from the Iraq war; in Learning, see our short film called How Google Saved a School. On our Your Stories page you can see a grandmother and her grandson bond over Twitter and hear from a professor who took her sabbatical in the virtual world Second Life.

There are countless stories to tell about how our crazy non-stop culture of connectivity is changing the very nature of what it means to be alive. Some of them are already on this website; we hope many more are to come.

Starting just about now, we at the Digital Nation headquarters in Brooklyn will be turning our attention to editing some of the material we're gathering on this website into a documentary for broadcast on FRONTLINE early next year. Stay tuned.

Rachel Dretzin


I love the internet but a warning is for the Internet, it can be very addicting and I spend hours online because my social life is online. I love the Internet and its very useful but be careful.

Anonymous / September 20, 2009 _ 10:27


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