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Is WoW on your resume?

November 06, 2009 _ 16:07 / Caitlin McNally / comments (2)

Who would have thought all that time spent raiding and leading guilds would contribute to your professional marketability? Well, according to various media reports in the past few years, it very well could. We brought this idea up with a vice president at IBM, and to our surprise, she enthusiastically confirmed what people haven been whispering for awhile. The leadership skills and strategy prowess it takes to flourish in World of Warcraft are just the kinds of qualities Fortune 500 companies are seeking in their employees. Hear the VP's comments here, and tell us what you think.


I agree completely! When someone has significant MMO RPG experience you know they have valuable team working and collaborative problem solving experience.

Shiv / November 25, 2009 _ 12:01

What is this woman's name?

Patrick / December 01, 2009 _ 03:35


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