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Photo: Arne DuncanArne Duncan

Duncan is the Secretary of Education.

Photo: Henry JenkinsHenry Jenkins

Jenkins is the director of Comparative Media Studies at MIT.

Photo: Mark Bauerlein

Mark Bauerlein

Bauerlein is a professor at Emory University and the author of The Dumbest Generation.

Photo: Dr. Jerald Block

Jerald Block

Dr. Block is a psychiatrist treating problematic overuse of the computer.

Photo: danah boyd

danah boyd

boyd is a researcher and essayist on teen media culture.

Photo: Anne Collier

Anne Collier

Collier, a web safety expert, is the editor of Net Family News.

Photo: James Paul Gee

James Paul Gee

Gee is a leading proponent of developing video games for education and a professor of literacy studies at Arizona State University.

Photo: Steve Maher

Steve Maher

Maher is a social studies teacher at Chatham High School in New Jersey.

Photo: C.J. Pascoe

C.J. Pascoe

C.J. Pascoe, PhD, is a sociology professor at Colorado College.

Photo: Rose Porpora

Rose Porpora

Porpora is an English teacher at Chatham High School in New Jersey.

Photo: Marc Prensky

Marc Prensky

Prensky is a leading proponent of video games as educational tools.

Photo: Albert Rizzo

Albert "Skip" Rizzo

Rizzo is a research scientist exploring virtual reality for mental health treatment.

Photo: Douglas Rushkoff

Douglas Rushkoff

Our correspondent follows technology, the media and popular culture.

Photo: P.W. Singer

P.W. Singer

Singer is the author of Wired for War, and an expert in military technology.

posted march 24, 2009

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