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McVeigh Chronology

· Early job; blacks;
  "the survivalist crowd"

· Attitudes on
  government, politicians

· Ruby Ridge; Waco;
  the decision to
  'wake up people'

· Purchase and storage
  of fertilizer and other

· Checking out Murrah Bldg.;
  buying nitromethane
  and plastic barrels

· December 1994
  visit to Murrah Bldg.

· Activities the week
  before the bombing

· Activities the day
  before the bombing

· April 19, 1995,
  the bombing

· Share your thoughts on this chronology and the McVeigh story

Tim McVeigh rented a storage unit in the name of Shawn Rivers in Herington, KS. (Indictment returned against Tim McVeigh and Terry Nichols on August 10, 1995, Hankins memo dated 5.10.95 and updated 6.20.95 and Anderson chronology dated 12.15.95 citing source of Tim McVeigh and adding information: address on rental registration was Rt. 3, Box 83, Marion KS)

Tim rented a storage shed in Herington, Kansas, in the name of Shawn Rivers. Also during this period, Terry rented a storage shed at Council Grove for his household belongings. They were staying at the Sunset Motel in Junction City or sleeping in the back of his truck at Geary State Lake. The remainder of the fertilizer was put into storage in Herington. (Tim thought the date he rented the storage shed was 9.25.94)

Shawn Rivers rented a storage unit from Helen Mitchell at Clark Lumber, Herington, KS. He paid four months advance rent and then paid again in October for another four months. (Helen Mitchell interview; her recollection of the date was September 1994.)


Tim purchased 10 bags of fertilizer from the Mid-Kansas Coop in McPherson, KS (Anderson chronology dated 12.15.95)


McVeigh and Nichols purchased forty fifty-pound bags of ammonium nitrate in McPherson, Kansas under the name "Mike Havens". (Indictment- August 10, 1995)

Forty fifty-pound bags of fertilizer purchased from Mid-Kansas Coop in McPherson, KS, receipt showed name of Mike Havens as the purchaser. Fingerprint on receipt belonged to McVeigh. (Anderson Chronology dated 12.15.95 and New York Times dated August 13, 1995.)


Terry bought forty bags, 2,000 lbs. of fertilizer, from McPherson, Kansas before they left. Terry bought 40 more bags from McPherson, Kansas. Prior to leaving Marion, Tim bought eight bags in Manhattan, one bag in Burns and six bags in a town below McPherson.

Late Sept. 1994

McVeigh made telephone calls in an attempt to obtain detonation cord and racing fuel. (Indictment -August 10, 1995.)

September-October 94 [31]

Nichols sold gold for $3,0 This money was used by McVeigh to purchase three drums of nitromethane at $950 each from V.P. Racing which was located south of Dallas. (Anderson chronology dated 12.15.95 and Hankins memo dated 5.10.95)

September-October 94

McVeigh called a Vietnam vet in New Jersey to get blasting caps and det cord. However, the det cord was not used in constructing the bomb. (Hankins memo dated 5/10/95) On December 31, 1995 Tim said he never go any.


Shawn Rivers renewed the September 1994 lease on the Herington storage unit for another four months, for a total of eight months. (Helen Mitchell interview).


McVeigh and Nichols planned a robbery of a firearms dealer in Arkansas as a means to obtain moneys to help finance their planned act of violence. (Indictment- August 10, 1995.)


McVeigh and Nichols stole explosives from a storage locker in Marion, KS. (Indictment- August 10, 1995.)

10.2-16.94 [handwritten] ?

Tim and Terry camped at Geary Lake Park for approximately two weeks. Tim's car was in Arizona. (Anderson chronology dated 12.15.95)


Marion quarry just outside of Marion, Kansas, was burglarized and 299 (1-1/2 by 6 inch) sticks of dynamite, 544 electric blasting caps and 93 non-electric blasting caps (plus or minus) were stolen from the Martin Mariette Quarry. See interview of Marion County Sheriff Edward Davies conducted by Marty & Wilma 6-27-95.

[handwritten] Daryl Bridges call on 10-5-94 from D.C.

[handwritten] Call from AZ to Wm McV 10-8-94

10.03.94 2:00am

McVeigh and Nichols stole approximately 350 pounds of blasting caps from Martin Marietta Quarry in Marion, KS. They moved the explosives in separate cars to Kingman, AZ. Tim was nearly rear-ended during this trip. The blasting caps and gelatin were stored first in Flagstaff, Arizona, for approximately two weeks because there was no available storage in Kingman. The material was later moved to Kingman when storage was available. (Hankins memo dated 5.10.95)


Tim and Terry broke into the Marion quarry in Marion, Kansas (Domgard/polygrapher memo 8-31) and stole 350 pounds of gel, 600 blasting caps and Primadet cord. [32] They filled both of their vehicles with the explosives in case one of them got pulled over they would still have enough explosives left. They drove the explosives to Kingman, Arizona. This was the trip where Tim was almost rear-ended in Amarillo with the explosives in his trunk. Mike was delegated to rent the storage shed in Kingman, Arizona, which he did not. So Tim and Terry drove to Flagstaff. They left the explosives there for three weeks and then moved them to Kingman to a storage in Tim's name. During this three weeks, he and Terry lived in Terry's truck in the desert.


McVeigh and Nichols transported the stolen explosives to Kingman, AZ. (Indictment - August 10, 1995)


McVeigh rented a storage unit in Kingman, AZ for the stolen explosives. (Indictment - August 10, 1995)


Tim was in Las Vegas visiting his father. (Burr 9.8.95 memo).


Nichols registered at the Starlite Motel in Salina, KS under the name "Terry Havens". This stop was made on the way home from a Grand Junction, Colorado gun show. (Indictment- August 10, 1995, New York Times, dated August 13, 1995, FBI motel registration records and Anderson chronology dated 12.15.95 citing source as Tim McVeigh.)


Nichols had a storage facility in Council Grove, Kansas (purportedly the Ted Parker facility). (Nichols FBI 302 dated April 21-22, 1995).


Nichols rented a storage unit in Council Grove, KS in the name of "Joe Kyle". (Indictment- August 10, 1995 and Anderson chronology dated 12.15.95 which added that the FBI obtained from Nichols' home a document with the location of the storage unit and the name of Joe Kyle.)


McVeigh and Nichols purchased forty fifty-pound bags of ammonium nitrate in McPherson, KS under the name "Mike Havens". (Indictment - August 10, 1995 and Anderson chronology which added: Purchased from Mid Kansas Coop. Special Agent Myers testified that purchaser drove a dark pickup truck with a camper shell.)


Joe Kyle rented a room at the Amish Inn in Pauls Valley, OK. (FBI motel records). (Tim and Terry stayed in this motel on the way to Dallas to get the nitromethane from the racetrack. Terry paid with cash.)

The address listed on the receipt was Rt. 2, Box 28, Hillsboro, KS. This was the same information which was located on a receipt by Terry Havens at Starlite Motel. (Anderson chronology dated 12.15.95)


Tim and Terry drove through Oklahoma City headed to buy nitromethane at a race track in Dallas. They drove by the Murrah Building, got out, walked around and timed the walking distance from the building to where Tim would be when the bomb went off.

McVeigh had called model shops in search of nitromethane fuel, commonly used in auto racing. He found a source on the Funny Car Racing Circuit by hanging around pit areas. He was offered 55-gallon drums of nitromethane for $1,000 a drum from a source in Manhattan, KS. The main office of V.P. Racing was in Manhattan, KS. McVeigh and Nichols bought the nitromethane from a V.P. Racing delivery truck located in Dallas, TX. (Anderson chronology dated 12.15.95 and Hankins memo dated 5.10.95 and updated 6.20.95. These memos had the date of this transaction as 08.94)

It took them awhile to find the race track. They finally found it in Winston Coveston (?). Tim let Terry out of the truck before they got to the track. Tim bought three drums of nitromethane from a man for $900 [33] a drum, and paid cash. [34] The man did not ask for a name. They returned to Kansas and unloaded all the fuel into the storage shed in Herington. Tim and Terry were camping out at the lake relaxing and Tim called Mike. Mike told him that his grandfather had died.

Tim was in Utah when his grandfather died. (Burr 9.8.95 memo, Tim said this date was 10-16-94). (On December 31, 1995 Tim said this is what he told his dad, but really he was in Kansas.) [handwritten] (large asterisk)

Also during this trip to Dallas to buy the nitrometh Tim convinced Terry to sell his gold to buy the nitro, so they traveled to Wichita and sold ten more pieces. On the way back from Wichita they stopped in Florence and bought plastic barrels. They bought six black plastic barrels with full take-off lids on the top, six white plastic ones with the little lids you take off on the top, and one blue one. The white ones were free at the Hillsboro Milk Co-op and the black ones cost $12. each. The blue one came from a plastics manufacturing company next to the Council Grove store.

They went back to Kingman. Tim stayed with Mike for four days and Terry saw Josh.


Tim and Fortier tested a small explosives mixture. They walked for 2 miles and used jet fuel and a little bit of fertilizer in a one gallon gatarade container. He wanted to make sure that the cap would set it off. (Hankins memo dated 5.10.95).

Tim exploded a Gatorade bottle (I believe in Arizona with Fortier) with a mixture of nitro and ammonium nitrate with a cap. (Domgard/polygrapher 8-31 memo, Tim said the date was 9.19.94).

10.23.94 (approx)

Tim was in Junction City, Kansas, when he called his father concerning his grandfather's death. (Burr 9.8.95 memo).


Joe Havens rented a room at the Buckaroo Motel in Tucumcari, NM. (FBI motel registrations).


Tim McVeigh rented a room at the Motel 76 in Albuquerque, NM. (FBI motel registrations) (Tim said this was just for one night only. It was a Sunday night, probably the 30th of October. [35] Tim was headed back to New York when he stayed here.)


Tim and Terry were to meet on Saturday, October 29, 1994 [36] at Mike's house and drive up to Geary State Park in Kansas. Tim waited until after the Bills game on TV on Sunday and then he left. Tim spent the night in Kingman, Kansas (southwest of Wichita) and when he arrived at the lake, Terry was already there. They drove to Font Riley, Kansas and went through the last drill.

11.94 or 01.95

Nichols advised that was the previous meeting between him and McVeigh before Easter 1995. (Nichols FBI 302 dated April 21-22, 1995).


Tim went to New York and gathered up his grandfather's guns. (and Burr memo dated 9.8.95)


Tim left Kingman and arrived in New York on Sunday. [37] On the way to New York Tim saw a Soviet Missile carrier near Albuquerque. He jumped the median in his car, traveled alongside the missile carrier and took photographs of it. He also took down the license plate and other information from the truck. When Tim got to New York, he cleaned out his grandfather's house and also some of his guns. Tim went to a gun show in Akron, OH, but did not sell anything. (Hankins memo dated 5.10.95)


Timothy J. McVeigh rented a motel room at the Knights Inn in Kent, OH. (FBI motel registrations).


Tim went to Akron, Ohio, for a gun show. (Burr 9.8.95 memo gives the dates of 11.03 -04.94).


Tim went to a gun show in Akron, Ohio. While he was gone, Terry called for him in New York.


McVeigh and Nichols caused firearms, ammunition, coins, United States currency, precious metals and other property to be stolen from a firearms dealer in Arkansas. (Indictment - August 10, 1995.)


Bob Miller robbery (Wyatt 7-6 Memo). When Terry finished the robbery, he drove straight back to Kansas and rented the third storage in Council Grove on November 7th.


Joe Kyle rented a room at the Sunset Motel in Junction City, KS, address of 1400 Decker, Lum, Michigan, 48447. (FBI motel registrations).


Tim returned to New York from Akron, Ohio. Tim returned Terry's call and told him to never call at Tim's father's house again. Tim said Terry was so elated he wanted to call. Tim stayed in New York for one month.


Nichols rented a storage unit in Council Grove, KS in the name of Ted Parker and used the unit to conceal property stolen in the Arkansas robbery. (Indictment - August 10, 1995 and Anderson chronology dated 12.15.95 added: documentation found at Nichols' home gave location of unit and name of Ted Parker; and New York Times article dated August 13, 1995 added: Nichols rented storage unit in Council Grove with the name Ted Parker and used it to store the property stolen in the Arkansas robbery.)


Unit No. 37 at Council Grove, KS was rented to Ted Parker for three months. (See Boot U-Store).


Ted Parker rented a motel room at the Travelers Motel in Manhattan, KS. Vehicle registered was a pickup with Michigan plates, VX 1640. (FBI motel registrations) (Terry's vehicle).


Tim received a letter from Terry containing $2,000 cash in one hundred dollar bills.


Terry Nichols went to the Philippines to see Marife and Nicole. (Nichols FBI 302 dated April 21-22, 1995).


Nichols rented a storage unit in Las Vegas, Nevada and stored, among other items, a ski mask. (Indictment dated August 10, 1995).


Nichols had a storage facility in Las Vegas. (Nichols FBI 302 dated April 21-22, 1995 gives dates of 11.94 through 01.95).


Tim's grandfather's estate sale occurred and Tim worked every day at his grandfather's house. (Burr 9.8.95 memo).


Nichols prepared a letter to McVeigh to be delivered only in the event of Nichols' death, in which he advised McVeigh, among other matters, that the storage unit in Council Grove, KS had been rented in the name of Parker and instructed McVeigh to clear out the contents or extend the lease by 2-1-95. Nichols further instructed McVeigh to "liquidate" another storage unit in the same building. (Indictment - August 10, 1995 and New York Times dated August 13, 1995.)


Tim and Kevin Nicholas stayed in a Motel 6 in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Registered in Tim's name. (Nigh's 10-19 memo and Wyatt's 7-6-95 memo).


A small group of men, including Mike Fortier and someone who looked like John Doe No. 2 and a Mr. McPhee (a/k/a Preacher), went to C.B. World in Kingman, Arizona (Don Lindsay), to purchase welding or cutting supplies, but Lindsay recommended liquid oxygen for the job. The liquid oxygen was obtained from AWECO on Northern Street in Kingman, Arizona. (Reyna 10-9-95 memo).

12.??.94 to 03.??.95

Tim corresponded with Jennifer telling her something big was going to happen in the month of the Bull (between March and April). (Domgard/polygrapher 8-31 memo).


Tim went to Decker, Michigan to Terry's farm and met Kevin Nicholas and lived with him for the month of December 1994. (BW memo dated 6-8-95 and updated 7-6-95.)


Tim went to a gun show in Michigan. Tim used the name "Tim Tuttle" for that Michigan gun show. (Burr 9.8.95 memo).


Tim was involved in a Buffalo gun show and then planned to move back to Arizona. (Burr 9.8.95 memo).


Tim advised his father he was going to Michigan and then to Utah. (Burr 9.8.95 memo).


Tim McVeigh rented a room at the Buckaroo Motel in Tucumari, NM. (FBI motel registrations and Nigh's memo dated 10-19-95 added that Tim stayed with Terry here).


Tim stayed with Terry at the Buckaroo Inn in Tucumcari, New Mexico. Registered in Tim's name. (Nigh's 10-19 memo).


Tim stayed at a motel in Arkansas with Terry. Registered in Tim's name. (Nigh's 10-19 memo). (Need to check this)


Tim wrote a letter to Andrea Augustine. Letter was postmarked from Wichita, KS. (Anderson chronology dated 12.15.95 citing Discovery #2.)


Tim McVeigh rented a room at the Mohave Inn, Kingman, AZ. (FBI motel registrations).


Michael Fortier rented a room at the Motel 6 in Amarillo, TX. Car listed on registration had Arizona plates, IBM 469. Receipt listed two adults. (FBI motel registrations). (Tim said this is a mistake.)


Tim and Mike Fortier stayed in a Motel 6 in Amarillo, Texas. (Nigh's 10-19 memo).

Mid 12.94

Tim left New York and went to Michigan and stayed with Kevin. While at Kevin's house, Tim received another letter from Terry [38] which contained a key and the combination to the storage.


While en route to Kansas to take possession of firearms stolen in the Arkansas robbery, McVeigh drove with Michael Fortier to the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building and identified the building as the target. (Indictment- August 10, 1995.)


Tim McVeigh rented a room at the Sunset Motel in Junction City, KS. (FBI motel registrations). (Tim said this is a mistake).


Tim McVeigh rented a room at the U.S. Grant Motel in Mattoon, IL. (FBI motel registrations).


Tim said Fortier was only in Oklahoma City one time and it was when they passed through Oklahoma City on a trip from Michigan to Arizona. Mike Fortier rented a car in Manhattan, KS using his own credit card. He and Fortier drove to the parking ramp on the "south side" of the Murrah building. They could not drive into the parking garage because their clearance was not high enough. [39] (Wyatt memo dated 6-8-95 and updated 7-6-95, and Anderson chronology dated 12.15.95 which added that they were headed to Kansas to pick up guns from the Roger Moore robbery to be given to Mike to sell.)


Tim spent the night in Tucumcari and then drove to the Mohave Inn in Kingman. Mike and Lori came over and Lori wrapped the blasting caps in Christmas paper. It was approximately December 18th. Tim showed the guns to Mike. The next day Tim and Mike headed to the storage shed in Council Grove, Kansas.

On the way to Kansas, they drove by the Murrah Building. By this time the site had been selected. Terry had nixed the Kansas City site and Tim had nixed the Little Rock building. Tim and Terry tried to check out a federal building in Dallas but there was no one building in the phone book.

They drove around the Murrah Building twice. Mike noticed that the structural integrity of the elevator shaft would keep the building from collapsing. They drove through the alley between the Journal Record Building and the parking lot in front of the Murrah Building. They stopped in the parking lot, stared at the building and talked about it for a few minutes. Mike got nervous and said, "let's leave" and they left.

Once at the storage shed in Council Grove, Tim showed Mike the "stash" and Tim gave Mike a key and the combination in case Mike had to take over. They went to the Manhattan airport and rented a gray full size Caprice. They drove back to Council Grove, ate at Pizza Hut, and then loaded the rental car with about 30 guns. Tim told Mike he could keep 50% of the profit. Mike went back to Kingman and Tim went to Kevin's house in Michigan with three of the stolen guns, the blasting caps and a bunch of ammo that Terry had gotten from Bob.


As Tim was headed to Kevin's house he gets rear-ended in his gray Spectrum Turbo with the blasting caps in the trunk. Mike [40] came and picked him up.

Late 1994

Tim used methamphetamine a second time. (Nigh's 7-24 memo).

Late 1994

Tim used acid one time with Mike and Lori Fortier. [J.H.] sold them this stuff. This was the only time [J.] sold Tim anything. (Nigh's 7-24 memo). On December 31, 1995 Tim said actually [J.] sold it to Mike with Tim present.

Tim used LSD for the first time. (Wyatt chronology updated 11.20.95, Tim said this date was February, 1995) (On December 31, 1995, Tim said he never used LSD, it was acid he used.)


Tim spent Christmas with Kevin Nicholas and Sheila McCloskey at 2862 Washburn Rd, Vassar, Michigan. (Hankins memo dated 5.10.95 and Anderson chronology dated 12.15.95)

Late 12.94

Tim met Dave Paulson at a gun show in Kalamazoo. Paulson wanted blasting caps so Tim drove to the Council Grove storage in Kansas because he knew they had 400 of them stored. Tim was surprised at the number of guns Terry had stolen. Also in the storage were four, white 55-gallon drums with no lids. These were not used in the bomb. They were the ones found by the government at Terry's house. Tim loaded up three guns, called Mike Fortier and said he needed to borrow Mike's wife.


Bill received a letter from Tim telling Tim stating that he did not know if he would be able to meet his father in Nevada at that time. (Burr 9.8.95 memo).


Pat Livingston at Pat's Pawn & Gun, Ogden, Kansas sold McVeigh and Nichols Gloc and 9 mm weapons. (Pat Livingston interview) (not McVeigh).


Tim was to enter a survival class. (Burr 9.8.95 memo).


Tim received a letter from Steve Colborn wanting to meet Tim in the desert in Arizona. [41] Tim visited the area prior to the scheduled meeting. Colborn's letter had made Tim uneasy. He felt it was a set up. Tim left a note for Colborn in the desert that he would not be able to meet him. (Wyatt memo dated 6-8-95 and up-dated 7-6-85.)


Tim and Kevin went to a gun show in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Before they left, Tim bought the station wagon from James.


Tim called Bill McVeigh from Michigan saying he had smashed up his 1988 Spectrum automobile. (Burr 9.8.95 memo).


Tim advised his father he was on his way to Utah. (Burr 9.8.95 memo).


Tim wrote Bob Miller regarding his theory of the robbery. The letter was postmarked Buffalo, New York. Tim said he was in Michigan at that time, but mailed the letter to Jennifer to mail so it would have a New York postmark. (Anderson chronology dated 12.15.95)

Mid Jan. 1995

Terry returned from the Philippines. (Anderson chronology dated 12.15.95)

Early 1995

Following Nichols' return from the Philippines, firearms stolen in the Arkansas robbery were sold and McVeigh, Nichols and Michael Fortier obtained currency from those sales. (Indictment - August 10, 1995.)


Tim called Bill in Florida and advised him that he went to Arizona instead of Utah. (Burr 9.8.95 memo).


Tim advised his father that he had to be in Utah that day. Apparently the FBI confirmed this information. (Burr 9.8.95 memo).


Georgia Rucker's first contact with Terry Nichols re: purchase of a house in Herington, Kansas. (Georgia Rucker interview).


Tim McVeigh rented a room at the Sunset Motel in Junction City, KS (FBI motel registrations).

Mid Jan. 1995

Tim and Terry met at Geary Lake and rented a room at the Sunset Motel for a few days to talk. (and Hankins memo dated 5.10.95 which added: He checked into the motel with the name John Kyle; and Anderson chronology dated 12.15.95 which added: Tim checked into the Sunset Motel in his real name. Terry wanted to stay later so Terry changed the registration name to John Kyle.)


Tim and Terry went to a gun show in Topeka, KS on Friday night, January 28, 1995.


Terry worked the gun show in Topeka while Tim stayed in the motel.


Tim drove to Kingman, AZ.

[handwritten] Terry called Lana 1-24-95


Tim Johnson rented a room at the Uptown Motel in Kingman, AZ, address of P.O. Box 4221, Fort Lewis, Washington, and car as Pontiac with Michigan tag GRY 034 [42] (FBI motel registrations).


Tim rented a room at the Bell Art Hotel for two weeks.


Tim McVeigh rented room at the Belle Art Motel, Kingman, AZ with car registered as Michigan tag GRY 034. (FBI motel registrations).


The explosive material was moved from Kingman, Arizona to storage in Council Grove, KS and then to Herington, KS. (Hankins memo 5.10.95)


Terry Nichols executed the contract on his house in Herington, Kansas (see Georgia Rucker interview).


Nichols lived in the Sunset Motel in Junction City for approximately three weeks while looking for a home to purchase. (Nichols FBI 302 dated April 21-22, 1995 gave the dates of February or March 1995).


Terry Nichols rents room at the Sunset Motel in Junction City, KS. (FBI motel registrations).


Tim camped out in the desert in his station wagon for one week.


Nichols using currency, paid for the continued use of storage unit #40. at Council Grove, KS in the name of "Joe Kyle". (Indictment - August 10, 1995)


The Council Grove storage unit in the name of Joe Kyle was paid for an additional three months. (See Boots U-Store)


Tim wrote a letter to Gwen, Kevin Nicholas' wife, in Michigan. Postmarked in Phoenix, Arizona. (Anderson chronology dated 12.15.95)


Terry Nichols rented a room at the Sunset Motel, Junction City, KS. (FBI motel registrations)


Tim McVeigh rented room at the Hilltop Motel, Kingman, AZ. Vehicle listed was a 1983 Pontiac with AZ plates LHT 462. (FBI motel registrations)


Tim stayed at the Hilltop Motel during the last week of March, then he moved in with Fortier. (Hankins memo dated 5.10.95 gave the date of the last week of March 1995.)


Tim moved in with Mike Fortier for one month. Mike, Tim and Lori drove into the Hualapai Mountains to discuss Mike's gun selling techniques.


Tim and Mike drove to Reno, NV for a gun show. They sold 9 guns. Mike made $2,500 and Tim mailed $1,000 to Terry.


Tim and Mike Fortier stayed in the Motel 6 in Reno, Nevada. Registered in Tim's name. (Nigh's 10-19 memo)


Joe Rivers rented two rooms at the Broadway Motel in Des Moines, Iowa. Vehicle registered had Michigan plates VW 1640. (FBI motel registrations) [handwritten] ?


Terry Nichols rented room at the Sunset Motel, Junction City, KS. Vehicle had Michigan tag VW 1640. (FBI motel registrations).


Approximately this date, Nichols sent McVeigh a letter in Kingman, Arizona, which Nichols described as his most recent contact with McVeigh (as of 4.21.95). (Nichols FBI 302 dated April 21-22, 1995).


Joe River rented a room at the Oak Park Motel in Lincoln, NE. Vehicle registered had Michigan plates VW 1640. (FBI motel registrations).


Dixie Palm Motel (According to Tim on December 31, 1995 the FBI has motel records from this motel on this date. This is the date of the gun show.)

Tim set Mike up with another gun show in St. George, Utah on March 1, 1995. However, Mike only sold 3 guns. Tim sent Terry another $1,000 from the sale of the guns.

Late Feb.-Early Mar. 95

The last time Tim used crystal meth.

Tim used crank (methamphetamine) with Fortier. (Wyatt chronology updated 11.20.95, Tim said this date was February, 1995.) (On December 31, 1995 Tim said he used this crystal meth with Mike and Lori, and they all got close.)


Terry Nichols rented room at the Sunset Motel in Junction City, KS. Vehicle tag Michigan XW 1640. (FBI motel registrations).


Enid Crabb and/or David Fox (Council Grove Propane) saw Nichols' pickup at Unit No. 40 at Boots U-Store. (See Crabb/Fox interview).


Terry Nichols had thoughts of backing out of the bomb plan. (Domgard/polygrapher 8-31 memo).


Terry Nichols took possession of the house in Herington, Kansas (see Georgia Rucker interview).


Nichols purchased a home in Herington, Kansas. (Nichols FBI 302 dated April 21-22, 1995 gave the dates of February or March of 1995).

Mid March 1995

Tim asked James Rosencranz if Rosencranz would transport Tim from Point A to Point B if he, McVeigh, could make it to Rosencranz's house. He then told Rosencranz he would want him to get rid of Tim's car (which the memo refers to the Mercury Marquis, although in March 1995 Tim would have had the Pontiac station wagon). (Domgard/polygrapher 8-31 memo).

Mid March 1995

Tim borrowed Mike and Lori's typewriter to make the fake IDs. (On December 31, 1995 Tim said Mike ordered the forms from the back of the Soldier of Fortune, and Tim typed it out.)


McVeigh obtained a driver's license in the name of "Robert Kling" bearing a date of birth of April 19, 1972. (Indictment - August 10, 1995 and New York Times dated August 13, 1995.) (Tim said he made this ID, he did not "obtain" it.)


Mrs. Nichols returned from the Philippines with $4,000 cash and ten gold coins owned by the couple. (Anderson chronology dated 12.15.95)


Tim wrote to Jenny and told her to not contact him after April 1, 1995 (Anderson chronology dated 12.15.95 citing Discovery #132.)


Tim McVeigh rents a room at the Sunset Motel in Junction City, KS. (FBI motel registrations; however, the log sent to us by the FBI actually states the dates of 3.29.95 -3.30.93.)


Tim McVeigh rented a room at the Imperial Motel in Kingman, AZ. (FBI motel registrations).


Nichols is adamant that he does not want to be involved on the day of the bombing. (Domgard/polygrapher 8-31 memo).


Michael Fortier participated in a gun show in Tucson where they sold some of the stolen weapons from Arkansas. (Reyna 7-31-95 memo).

Mike conducted a gun show in Tucson. Lori went with him. They sold everything they had except three guns, the .22 Hornet and the mini 14, and a shotgun.


The government issued a Rule 17(c) subpoena for subscriber information for telephone number (708) 295-1050 on this date. Tim said he did not know the meaning of this. He speculated that it may have been to Dave Paulson in Chicago. (Hankins memo dated 1.10.96).


Tim checked into the Imperial Motel. (Hankins memo dated 5.10.95)


Tim spoke with his father from somewhere (unknown) and advised that he and Mike Fortier had had a falling out and Bill should not use that address or telephone any longer. (Burr 9.8.95 memo).


Nichols received a UPS delivery from Quartan in San Antonio for $800 in laser [rifle/gun] sights and later received a C.O.D. package from Balisticorp in Nebraska for $640 of blow guns. (Nichols FBI 302 dated April 21-22, 1995).


Tim and Mike went drove into the desert to talk. Mike told Tim that he was not going to do it.


Nichols and his wife and daughter went to Michigan for a number of gun shows. (Nichols FBI 302 dated April 21-22, 1995).


Terry Nichols rented a room at the Motel 6 in Joliet, IL. Vehicle tag was Michigan VW 1460 and two beds were requested. (FBI motel registrations) .


Terry Nichols rented a room at the Caro Motel in Caro, MI. Number in party was two. Vehicle tag was Michigan VW 1460. (FBI motel registrations) .


Tim wrote his father and said he would see him in May or June. Postmark was from Las Vegas, NV. (Anderson chronology dated 12.15.95 citing Discovery #147)


Approximately this date, Nichols purchased a fuel meter at Fort Riley, but he claims that the meter was broken. He placed an ad in the paper to sell the fuel meter. (Nichols FBI 302 dated April 21-22, 1995).


Terry Nichols rented a room at the President Inn, Grand Rapids, MI. Vehicle tag is Michigan VW 1460 and number in party was one. (FBI motel registrations).


Tim received a letter from Terry "which had nothing to do with the Oklahoma City bombing. (Wyatt 7-6 memo).


Tim McVeigh renewed his Michigan driver's license with a date of birth of April 23, 1968, an address of 3616 North Van Dyke Road, Decker, Michigan. (Criminal Complaint filed against Timothy McVeigh dated 04.21.95) (Tim said this was not true. We need to ask for this driver's license to show that it did not expire on 4-23-95)


Terry Nichols rented a room at the Motel 6 in Walker, Michigan. He gave an address of 3616 N. Van Dyke Rd., Decker, MI 48426 and Michigan tag XW 1460. (FBI motel registrations).


Jim Sargent fished at Geary State Lake and saw a Ryder Truck (Sergeant interview).

04.12.95-11:00 a.m.

Tim departed at 11:00 am. from his hotel room at the Imperial Motel, Kingman, AZ and drove to Amarillo, TX.

04.13.95-10:00 a.m.

Around 2:00 am. Tim arrived in Amarillo, TX and got a motel room. He left around 10:00 am. that morning.


Tim arrived in Oklahoma City around noon on Thursday afternoon. He did not drive by the Murrah Building. He found a location to leave his car and drove out of the city. He went to the storage shed in Herington and everything was still fine. He drove to Council Grove for the gel and returned with it to the storage shed in Herington.


Explosives and materials were moved from Council Grove storage shed to Herington storage shed. (Anderson chronology dated 12.15.95)

04.13.95-late p.m.

Tim drove out to Geary Lake when his car stalled. He spent Thursday night at the lake in his car.


McVeigh went into Tom Manning's Firestone to have work done on his Pontiac. It was determined that the heads were blown, and Manning sold McVeigh the Mercury for $250. (See Manning interview). Tim took his car to the Firestone to be worked on. The head gasket was blown and it was going to cost $500 to fix it. Tim bought the Mercury from Tom Manning at the Firestone shop for his car plus $250. Tim screwed on the Arizona license plate, "nice and solid, two screws right on top". Tom remembered Tim from three years prior. (and Hankins memo dated 5.10.95)


McVeigh, using currency, purchased a 1977 Mercury Marquis in Junction City, KS. (Indictment - August 10, 1995).

McVeigh called the Nichols residence in Herington, KS from Junction City, KS. (Indictment - August 10, 1995.)

McVeigh called a business in Junction City and, using the name "Bob Kling", inquired about renting a truck capable of carrying 5,000 pounds of cargo. (Indictment - August 10, 1995.)


Tim called the Ryder truck rental shop to reserve the truck. He was told that he would have to put down a deposit on Saturday, 4.15.95, or he could not have the truck on Monday, 04.17.95. She told him they were closed on 04.16.95.

Tim called Terry and told him to meet him at Geary Lake that day at noon or 1:00 pm.

04.14.95-1:00 p.m.

Tim drove to Geary Lake and met Terry. They had not seen each other in about three months and they talked for two hours. Terry gave Tim some cash. Terry told him that Marife was back with him. (and Hankins memo dated 5.10.95)

Tim drove back to town and bought a car battery at Wal-Mart.


McVeigh checked into Room 25 of the Dreamland Motel in Junction city, 26 miles north of Herington. That night, Shane Boyd, age 23, a helicopter mechanic who was also staying at the Dreamland said he saw a bushy-haired man who resembled the sketches of John Doe #2, in the parking lot near Mr. McVeigh's room. The man was smiling. (The New York Times, December 3, 1995 - Jo Thomas.)


McVeigh, using currency, rented a room at a motel in Junction City, KS. (Indictment - August 10, 1995)


Tim McVeigh rented a room at the Dreamland Motel in Junction City, KS. (FBI motel registrations).

Tim went into the Dreamland Motel and registered under the name Bob Kling. "Something hit [his] mind that he did not want that there". He reached over and took back the registration card, crumbled it up and filled out a new card with the name Tim McVeigh.


Employees of the Dreamland Motel in Junction City, KS advised FBI agents that an individual resembling Unsub #1 depicted in the composite drawing had been a guest at the Motel from April 14 through April 18, 1995. This individual had registered at the Motel under the name of Tim McVeigh, listing his automobile as bearing an Arizona License plate with an illegible plate number and provided a Michigan address on North Van Dyke Road in Decker, Michigan. This individual was seen driving a car described as a Mercury from the 1970's. (Criminal Complaint filed against Timothy McVeigh on 04.21.95)

04.15.95-12:15 a.m.

Shortly after midnight on the night of the 14th, Connie Hood, age 29, who lived in the Junction City area, drove into the parking lot to visit David King, a guest at the motel. Just as Mrs. Hood parked her car near Mr. King's room, a man flung open the door of Room 23, the room next to Mr. King's, as if he were expecting someone. The man startled her, then stepped back, pulling the door almost closed while still looking at her. She said he had thick, dark hair, brushed back and an olive complexion. She said he was about 5 feet 9 or 10 inches. She said his face was fuller than the sketch of John Doe #2, but there was a resemblance. The FBI dusted Room #23 for fingerprints. However, the motel owner said she knew for certain that room was neither rented nor occupied that night. She admitted someone could have taken the key to look at the room. (The New York Times, December 3, 1995 - Jo Thomas.) (But see Tulsa World article cited at the date of April 16, 1:00 a.m.)


McVeigh, using currency, placed a deposit for a rental truck in the name "Robert Kling". (Indictment - August 10, 1995.)


Mr. McVeigh used the name Bob Kling to call Elliott's Body Shop, a Ryder truck rental office in town, to reserve the truck that the Government says carried the bomb. (The New York Times, December 3, 1995 - Jo Thomas.)


Tim went to Elliott's Rental to reserve the truck for the 17th. (Domgard/polygrapher 8-31 memo).

Tim awoke and drove to Elliott's Rental between 9 - 11 am. The employee was "a dumb guy". Tim paid for the truck in full so that he would be able to get in and out fast on Monday. He signed the agreement and drove back to the motel in his Mercury.

He returned the battery to Wal-Mart because his battery was working fine now.


Nichols did not recall a telephone call from Tim McVeigh at that time. (Nichols FBI 302 dated April 21-22, 1995).


Tim called Hunan's Chinese Restaurant and ordered moo goo gai pan to be delivered. He used the name Bob Kling. The total was $9.25. The delivery boy drove a small white car. Tim gave him a five and five ones, or two fives, and told him to not worry about the change. Tim made the comment to him that the front bridge was closed. The delivery boy said he came in the back way, through the main post of Fort Riley.


At about 5:30 p.m., Jeff Davis delivered food from the Hunan's Chinese Restaurant to Room 25 at the Dreamland Hotel; however, he insisted that the person who received the food was neither McVeigh, Nichols, nor John Doe No. 2. He believed that the person's name was Kling, and he denied that photos of McVeigh or Nichols was Kling. (Jeff Davis interview).


Terry Nichols purchased diesel fuel from Conoco station in Manhattan, KS. (Anderson chronology dated 12.15.95.)

04.16.95-1:00 a.m.

David King and his girlfriend said they saw a man resembling John Doe #2 at about 1:00 a.m. on April 16. The girlfriend, who did not went her name used, said the man stuck his head out of his doorway and stared "like he was expecting someone. I just wasn't that someone." (Tulsa World, May 1, 1995) (But see The New York Times article at the date of 4-15-95 at 12:15 a.m.)


(Easter Sunday). Elliott's Body Shop is never open on a Sunday. (Sparks' 8-2-95 memo)


[31] The correct date is October 22, 1994.

[32] Detonation cord is a string of which the entire length blows up at once. The Primadet cord can be attached to a blasting cap which when it explodes, the shock jumps through the Primadet cord like a straw and explodes at the other end. The entire length does not explode like detonation cord.

[33] On December 31, 1995 Tim said this amount was $950 instead of $9

[34] This is the cash from the sale of Terry's gold.

[35] October 30, 1994 was a Sunday.

[36] Tim gave us the date of Saturday, October 3 l; however, October 3 l, 1994 was a Monday.

[37] October 30 and November 6, 1994 were Sundays.

[38] Terry sent this letter to Tim's Arizona address. Mike Fortier picked up the mail and sent all of it to Tim at Kevin's house.

[39] On December 31, 1995 Tim said to add here: That's the reason a truck could not be placed there. Tim's car would have fit, but cameras were present.

[40] On December 31, 1995 Tim said it was Kevin who came to pick him up, not Mike.

[41] On December 31, 1995 it was learned that Bob Miller had given Steve Colburn Tim's name and address, and had "told him about me". The address given was to the Mailroom in Kingman, AZ. Miller told Colburn that Tim was looking for men to form a group of patriots. Tim was wanting to "hook up with a group or form one himself". The purpose would be to "copy and dissiminate literature and probably progress further". Colburn divulged quite a bit of information in his letter to Tim and this made Tim suspicious. Colburn also wanted from Tim a license plate for a Volkswagon.

[42] Anderson's chronology dated 12.15.95 stated that this was the make and license plate number of Tim's vehicle.


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