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McVeigh Chronology

Alfred P. Murrah Federal Buildin

Read the McVeigh Chronology

PBS NewsHour Reports on McVeigh and Execution Postponement
What are your thoughts on this chronology and the McVeigh story?


I really think you should take the time to read McVeighís essay. His ideas are those of a learned person who is questioning his government's behavior, as a citizen should. But his actions are those of a terrorist committing worst ever-terrorist attack. One on his own homeland.

If I agree with his ideas on the corruption in the American government I DO NOT agree with his senseless course of action. Murdering innocent people and children is NOT the answer to bringing people's attention to the corruption in their government. I just wish that he had though about what he was doing. When he dies we will not only be getting rid of a terrible person- a murderer, but we will also be losing an educated person- a thinker from who we could have learned a lot. I wish to send my deepest condolences to the families of those killed in this terrible incident.

beirut, n/a


I believe that McVeigh thinks himself a martyr for all those who are disenfranchised with our gov't. and, I believe that he is convinced of the "righteousness" of the vile acts which he committed. Somehow I feel that he filled a role in which he was cast by parties who led him to such beliefs - something/someone much more devious and evil than McVeigh himself and, I wonder if the facade will fall away in those final moments to reveal to him the truth in his crimes. I hope so. May your soul be saved Timothy McVeigh!

Patrick Frost
rossville, ga


i almost lost my husband in this horrible act and he lost a daughter because of it. I am tired of all this. Just kill him......

sherri titsworth
hutchinson, kansas


He has cost this country way to much heartache and he is trying to drag this out to bring more pain and suffering to the victoms, survivors, and the lost ones!

I am also afraid that he is sending out a message, at the cost of our government, and using the media for advertisement to his kind to show how gullable our country is! KILL HIM!, and bring closure to this and let the healing begin!

huber heights, ohio


I had been following this tragedy & felt so much for the survivors & victims to have let this stay of execution come about. This is a cold blooded killer who has admitted his crime & should be punished ASAP. They talk about his rights? What happened to all the innocent victims rights to live out their lives? I have faith in our Judicial system that this long awaited execution will take place soon! God bless the victims & their families as they wait for justice to be served.

barbara prokop
bayonne, nj


Tim McVeigh is one of the most vile creatures on this earth. He claimed he was trying to get back at the government for the Branch Davidian Massacre. How does killing one hundred and sixty eight people get back at the government? What did those nineteen babies do that gave him a reason to take their lives before they even had a chance to start their lives?

McVeigh said he would have chosen another site if he had known there were children in the building. How could he have not known there would be children in that building?

erica nicholls
charlotte, north carolina


I think Tim McVeigh should go head and get the death penalty instead of a stay. He already confesed and they should go haed and do it. I don't believe the families who lost loved ones should have to wait for justice any longer.

versailles, in

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