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What are your thoughts on the compelling personal and political history of Barack Obama? Does he have the right stuff to build bridges and get people to work together? Will he be able to steer America through this economic crisis?


I found your program on Barack Obama very interesting and informative. I would have been interested in hearing more about his early life, and less about the presidential campaign events that are well known. I do wish that the filmmakers had spent a little more time discussing his Senate victory, both the primary and the unusual circumstances of his general election victory, with the withdrawal of Jack Ryan from the race. The documentary implies that he simply put together a diverse coalition to win what might have been a fairly normal race. In fact, his general election held similarities to his State Senate victory in its fortunate turn of events. He is a leader and an impressive man, but also a very lucky one.

Thanks for your excellent work on your documentaries, I very much appreciate them, and continue to watch, mostly via your website. Your video offerings on the web are much appreciated.


Beth Conlin

Durham, NC


I always like your show. It is drama personified. You never let the facts get in the way of a good tale. For example. You seem to say McCain lost to Obama because of his frantic and I agree overwrought return to Washington at the beginning of the financial crisis. No mention of the fact Obama outspent McCain 3 to 1 in the final weeks of thew campaign. Virtually buying the Presidency. Along those lines no mentioning of his going back on his word to use equal campaign financing and no word about how McCain a Republican had to live unfairly with the Bush Legacy. Typical

David Laurie
Jamestown, Rhode Island


Dear Frontline;

As a Canadian with many American friends and after accumulatinga trove of fond memories derived from countless visits throughoutthe U.S.; I feel a genuine sense of comfort after so much disappointment. Once again America has earned the respect and good will of others by demonstrating the great hope and possibilities it offers to the world.

Bruce Greenwood
Vancouver, B.C. Canada


I feel happy for the first time in so many years. I notice people looking at each other in the eye, and smiling to each other. A change has occured, I feel it, I see it, I know it.

boulder, co


That was an absolutely terrific program. It was nice to have a chance to learn about Barrack Obama.


NORMAL, Illinois


Great narrative and a perfect cap to the day's events. I did notice an ommission though. Obama's win in '04 for the US Senate was not much of a race. Jack Ryan, his Republican opponent, withdrew from the race after a sex scandal with his ex-wife was leaked to the press. Alan Keyes, an ultra-conservative, was picked to replace Mr. Ryan, and he moved to Illinois from Maryland just months before the election. Although his win in the primary was a surprise, Obama, it can be opined, was greatly helped by public hanging of Ryan's dirty laundry.

Emme Tecon
Chicago, IL


Born in The Netherlands I cannot vote but my two American children could and they did vote for Obama. What I find disturbing is the mass adulation of Obama here and abroad and that the regular media have given the impression that Obama is a decent good guy who just happened to rise to the presidency by being in the right place at the right time.

Your documentary shows he has been ambitious for higher office for a long time and has actively worked his way up. In my view that's typical of a politician. Obama indeed acted as a politician too when he refused to answer a question by (and actually completely shunned!) young men making the documentary "The 9/11 Chronicles Part One: Truth Rising".

The film highlights the plight of 30.000 rescue workers in New York who now suffer and die from respiratory illness without getting help from either the City of New York or the Federal Government. You can find it on Youtube.

Conny Jensen
Greeley, Colorado


After viewing this presentation, I am fully convinced that we finally have someone that can make a huge difference for this country. During his ascension, he has taken time to think what he wants to achieve. It was not clouded by race, and anger or just a political agenda. He simply cared for the country and on he goes to take his oath to make it a better place for all. With his humility and firm conviction, he will make a difference. He will face very tough times ahead of him as the crash that hit this country is very serious and requires of him to come up with viable solution to reinstate the Legacy of this Nation. Various battles lay ahead of him. But since he has strategies, I think that he will do what he must to restore balance in this country.

Thank you

Monique Noroharisoa-Silverman
Rego Park, NY


It is my hope that our leader of this great land will have an enlightened sense wisdom and elevated global understanding that all people in all countries are but one creature on this tiny, God-given "spaceship" called Earth and that the value of our humanity does not come from a man made monetary system but is as a caretaker and guardian of all animal and plant kingdoms.

Kathryn Huebner
Phoenix, AZ


In the collection of essays, Jumpn Jim Crowe, visitting Duke Proff Tim Tyson of Blood Done Signed My Name has the concluding chapter on Dynamite incident in 1959 in what became my hometown of Gaffney, South Carolina. Eleven years later as a High School Junior, I was on the first Bi-Racial committee at the High School. I was white. One of the black students was my friend Charles Foster, an Olympic Hurdler in 76, and his cousin who later became a representative of BMW in Upstate South Carolina to South Africa at the end of apratheid. I voted for Barack Obama for President this year. He if gifted and full of promise. He is listening to good people. I like what my novelist friend Ron Rash said about him in a Kathleen Parker column in the Washington Post a few weeks before the election. In the last month I have been moved by several essays in Eric Foner's Our Lincoln. I hope Obama will make time for them as well as soon as he can. I think I have a sense of the Promise of this moment, and the potential Obama has to fulfill the promise of Lincoln and Frederick Douglas these essays eloquently and powefully display. My Dad is a Baptist preacher. I have incarnational lived ties to the separation of church and state that is the best of Baptist witness in America, the witness of George Truett that shaped Martin King, Bill Moyers and President Carter. I think Obama will do that legacy justice, though he comes from another strand of American Christendom; much better and more authentic policy than the cynical political manipulations of Karl Rove and his operatives in Baptist life these last 8 years. That is what I bring to this moment, and an aspect of my hope for Obama's Presidency. God Bless Barack Obama and the Promise of this Moment and Our Great Country.

Stephen Fox
Collinsville, Alabama


Looks good, sounds good now only the next four years will be the test to see if any of it is possible. Knowing many people, including members of my family who have lost their jobs, their health insurance and possibly their homes I do not think anyone in government is really concerned about "Main Street America".Wall Street and the banks still run us.

Williamsville, NY


Barack Obama mother and his upringing have a lot to do with our next president determination, charisma and support he has received from all around the world.

We wish him all the best as he faces the greatest challenge of his life and read on as he works the solve the problems we face as a nation.Read Obamericas.blogspot.com

David S. Rondon
North Palm Beach, Florida


I have been supporting Obama since before the Primary in WV. I heard his speech on race. I am white and teach kindergarten children.

My heart is wanting to be in Washington D.C. on Inauguration Day but, I will be working in the classroom doing the nice crafts with my children suggested online for that day.I traveled to Pennsylvania to hear him speak in person with my daughter. It is a memory we will treasure. This young man has all the qualities to make a great president. God bless him as he leads our nation! I plan to do my part to help him. I didn't vote for him to sit back and watch him fail. Each American has been invited to help. This is a movement and everyone has a voice.

I believe great changes are coming to our country. I think they will be very positive changes. What does he say in his speeches? "This is not about me it is about you!"I believe many Americans hear those words and understand their meaning.

Lynn Morris
Rivesville, WV

posted january 11, 2009

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