photo of burned out mosque, general casey and secretary rumsfeld, explosion

Bottom Line, What Went Wrong?
A range of opinions on root causes for America's failed efforts in Iraq, offered by authorities interviewed for this report.

Rumsfeld and the Generals
Observations on how the Iraq war was prosecuted by Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld and his top commanders, drawn from FRONTLINE's interviews with military leaders, analysts, journalists and historians.

Gen. George Casey
Assessments of Casey's leadership, offered by military strategists, historians and others.

Gen. Petraeus and the New Team
Views on the new leadership on the ground in Iraq as of early 2007 and what it might mean.

Can the Surge Work?
Views on the latest (January '07) security campaign -- to clear, hold and build key Baghdad neighborhoods -- what needs to follow and what happens if it fails.

Misreading History?
Experts point out the differing lessons in comparing Iraq to previous counterinsurgency campaigns, in particular, Vietnam.


The Colonels' War
Confronting the enormous complexities of the war, some American junior officers, with little guidance from above, began creatively improvising new tactics and strategies.


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posted june 19, 2007

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