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James Bamford The New York Times

"'The Enemy Within' argues compellingly that the Lodi case, a showcase trial in the Bush administration's war on domestic terrorism, was largely created out of whole cloth. The country was never in danger from the Hayats but may well be entering a dangerous period of unnecessary and abusive prosecutions."

Walt Belcher The Tampa Tribune

"'Frontline' has done a remarkable job of asking the tough, unpopular questions about the U.S. war on terrorism. …

"There could be cells here plotting something horrific. The question raised by 'The Enemy Within' is about the FBI's ability to stop them. …"

John Hall Washington Dateline

"… [T]here always has been some fear that a sleeper cell might be at work inside the country to follow up [9/11]. …

" 'The Enemy Within' concludes that right now there is no such cell, but raises some far more disturbing questions. That is whether the FBI really is prepared to be the domestic intelligence agency it has to be to detect one. …"

David Kronke Los Angeles Daily News

"'… examines the vexing difficulties involved in locating terrorist sleeper cells tied to al-Qaeda, thanks to the rafts of misinformation that pour into intelligence offices. "

"Nonetheless, reporter Lowell Bergman … notes that there are 'no known sleeper cells' in the U.S. … Instead, authorities chase anything that fails to pass an arcane sniff test. … "

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posted oct. 10, 2006

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