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major rhonda l. cornum
U.S. Army flight surgeon Cornum was on a search-and-rescue helicopter looking for a downed F-16 pilot on the last day of the war. Hit by gunfire, the Blackhawk 214 smashed into the desert at 130 knots. With broken arms and other injuries, Cornum was one of three crew members who survived and was taken prisoner.

Her story begins at the point where the Iraqis are about to discover she's a woman...

u.s. air force colonel david w. eberly
Flying an F15E Strike Eagle, Eberly was sent in to take out Scud facilities on January 19, 1991. Hit by a SAM, he ejected into the Iraqi desert (see the map which shows his attempted escape route). He and his co-pilot were caught by Iraqis close to Syria's border and spent six weeks in isolation in the Baghdad headquarters of the Iraqi Intelligence Service, where he was brutally interrogated.

His story begins at the point where he has spent several days in the desert successfully avoiding Iraqi detection and he is just about to be captured...

u.s. air force colonel jeff tice
On the third day of the air war, Colonel Tice was part of the 614th fighter squadron sent on one of the first daylight raids over Baghdad. His target was an oil refinery. Hit by anti-aircraft missiles, he ejected from his F16, landed in the middle of a Bedouin camp and was captured.

Roughed up by the Bedouins, he was then turned over to Iraqi soldiers and taken to an underground interrogation bunker in Baghdad--where his story starts.

s.a.s. patrol commander andy mcnab
McNab was Patrol Commander of an eight-man British SAS (Special Air Services) team sent on a Scud reconaissance mission and dropped behind enemy lines on January 22, 1991. Only one managed to escape into Syria after their infiltration was discovered and they fought a firefight with Iraqis. All the rest were captured, or died of injuries or hyperthermia. McNab was taken prisoner after walking over 100 miles trying to get to Syria.

His story starts at the point where their firefight with the Iraqis is about to erupt...

lt. john peters, royal air force
A British Tornado pilot, Peters was shot down on his very first low-flying mission--to bomb an Iraqi airfield. He was captured and taken to a prison dubbed by Coalition POWs as the 'Baghdad Biltmore' where he was brutally beaten, tortured and displayed on Iraqi television.

Peters' story begins with an account of his first interrogation in Baghdad...

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