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Primary sources about the Cultrera family and Fr. Joseph Birmingham.

"Do You Remember Father Birmingham?"
In late 1994, Paul Cultrera, helped by his brother Joe, his girlfriend Lee and her relatives, placed an ad in local newspapers in each of the towns where Birmingham had been stationed, asking "Do you remember Father Birmingham?" Here are some of the letters he received and Paul's reply to one of those who wrote back.

Paul Cultrera's Statement to Bishop John McCormack (pdf file)
In January 2003, McCormack, head of the Diocese of Manchester, N.H., agreed to meet in Salem with those who said they had been abused by Father Birmingham years earlier. This is the text of the statement that Paul Cultrera read to McCormack that night.

Paul's Email to His Parents (pdf file)
In March 2002 The Boston Globe published the first of several articles about Joseph Birmingham. While Paul Cultrera had told his loved ones about his abuse and had settled with Church years ealier, the Globe article was the first public mention of it. Worried about his parents' reaction, Paul wrote them this email.

BishopAccountability.org: Files of Rev. Joseph E. Birmingham
The Archdiocese of Boston has released over 45,000 pages of official documents about pedophile priests, including Joseph Birmingham. To date, the victim advocacy site BishopAccountability.org has made 1,500 pages of these available online; the site plans to publish more. Here, the site has collected documents about Birmingham and the allegations of sexual abuse made against him. The site has also compiled a timeline of Birmingham's various assignments, cross-referenced with court documents pertaining to each parish.

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posted jan. 16, 2007

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