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Journalists and residents talk about Spokane, gay life in the city, Mayor West and The Spokesman-Review's investigation.

Impressions of Jim West
Interview excerpts in which journalists and ordinary Spokanites talk about their impressions of West -- political and personal.

A View of Their City
Interview excerpts in which journalists, activists and others talk about Spokane, its attitude towards gays and how the city is changing.

Producer's Notebook
FRONTLINE producer Rachel Dretzin spents months in Spokane reporting "A Hidden Life." Here she writes about her original vision for the report: an exploration of what it's like to be gay in Spokane.

An Interview with David Postman
A political reporter for The Seattle Times, Postman covered Jim West during the years when he was a Washington state legislator.

An Interview with Peter Perkins
A Spokane public high school teacher who, for many years, was unable to come out to his family and friends and is angry about the mayor's hypocrisy.

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posted nov. 14, 2006

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