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the outing of mayor jim west

the spokesman-reviewwatching someone go onlinedowntown spokane

The newspaper's investigation, West's online chats, and FRONTLINE's response to The Spokesman-Review.

Response to The Spokesman-Review
FRONTLINE Executive Editor Louis Wiley responds to Spokesman-Review Editor Steven Smith's blog posting questioning some aspects of "A Hidden Life."

Interview with Jim West
The conservative Republican mayor of Spokane who was outed by the city's newspaper in 2005. The paper told a sordid story of a man with two lives: In public, he had sponsored anti-gay legislation; in private, he allegedly trolled for young men online.

Interview with Steven Smith
The editor of The Spokeman-Review, who led its agressive reporting on the West story -- more than 180 stories, published over ten months -- that explored allegations of illicit sexual behavior, abuse of power and political hypocrisy.

Interview with Bill Morlin
The lead reporter for The Spokesman-Review in its investigation of Jim West.

Interview with Ryan Oelrich
A gay activist who had struggled with his own sexual identity and could no longer accept the mayor's public deception. He went public, sealing the abuse of office charges against West.

Interview with Dannyboy
The screen name of a college student who chatted online with Mayor Jim West at Gay.com and had dinner with him. He became reporter Bill Morlin's first source about the mayor's online activities.

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posted nov. 14, 2006

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