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The Debate of the 21st Century
In the war against terrorism, do Americans need to lower their expectations of privacy?

What Else Might the NSA Be Up To?
President Bush described his terrorist surveillance program as targeted NSA intercepts of point-to-point Al Qaeda communications going into or out of the United States. But is that all that's going on?

Did the President Violate the Law?
President Bush assured Americans he had the constitutional authority to secretly set up the NSA program without court surveillance. But many authorities disagree. Here's more on the debate.

Can FISA Keep Up With the Terrorism Threat?
The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA), passed in 1978 after revelations of domestic surveillance abuses during the Kennedy, Johnson and Nixon administrations, designated a secret court to approve warrants for domestic surveillance. Since 9/11, however, there's been criticism that FISA is not flexible enough to keep up with the terrorism threat. FRONTLINE's experts weigh in.

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posted may. 15, 2007

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