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press reaction

Tony Perry Los Angeles Times

"'The Insurgency' … is a detailed and brave piece of down-the-middle journalism that tackles the most important part of the most important news story in the world. …

"The interviews with insurgent fighters, their faces covered, are the definition of chilling. …

"[It] has no political ax to grind. It does not suggest the push to depose Hussein was ill-fated from the beginning, neither does it suggest that an exit date for U.S. forces is close."


David Bianculli Daily News

"'The Insurgency' shows many things you don't often see in documentaries about Iraq. Included among these are frank interview with the insurgents, harrowing footage of a reporter facing apparent death, and a conclusion that contains, rather than dashes, hope. …

"No matter where you stand politically, there are likely to be things in 'The Insurgency' that are uncomfortable to see and hear. … You should do so anyway. Neither the problem nor the insurgents are likely to disappear any time soon."


Alex Strachan Ottawa Citizen

"… a thoughtful hour of television that conveys a real sense of the chaos in Iraq. Incredibly it manages to make sense of a chaotic situation. …

"It's a must see for anyone curious about a side of Iraq rarely shown on the nightly news."


Matt Zoller Seitz The Star-Ledger (Newark)

"… paints the clearest picture yet seen of the enemy in Iraq … [and] features some never-before-seen footage of insurgents …"


Melanie McFarland The Seattle Post-Intelligencer

"What 'Insurgency' does give viewers is a genuinely profound sense of the mess were in."

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posted feb. 21, 2006

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