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Law & Disorder

An on-air and online investigation into questionable police shootings by the New Orleans Police Department in the wake of Katrina.

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For more than a year, FRONTLINE and our reporting partners at ProPublica and the New Orleans Times-Picayune have worked together to investigate several questionable police shootings in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.

In pursuit of the truth, our reporters have used an array of tools -- from shoe-leather reporting to social networking -- to uncover these stories and report them on our websites, with photos, video, documents and audio recordings. (Visit ProPublica's and the Times-Picayune's Law & Disorder websites.)


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AC ThompsonA.C. Thompson Reporter, ProPublica
Gordon RussellGordon Russell City Editor, The Times-Picayune
Brendan McCarthyBrendan McCarthy Reporter, The Times-Picayune
Laura MaggiLaura Maggi Reporter, The Times-Picayune
Tom JenningsTom Jennings Producer, FRONTLINE -- An award-winning journalist who produces, writes and shoots independent film documentaries.


October 6, 2011 13:48

Tough Sentences for Danziger Bridge Officers Turned Witnesses

Federal prosecutors yesterday asked for leniency in sentencing two former New Orleans police officers who pleaded guilty to participating in the cover-up of the notorious post-Katrina Danziger Bridge shootings. CONTINUE »
September 15, 2011 13:26

FBI Agents To Monitor New Orleans Police

Two FBI agents will be stationed full time in the NOPD's Public Integrity Bureau, the department and the FBI jointly announced this week. The agents, whose presence was requested by the NOPD, will investigate allegations of significant corruption or civil rights violations in the department. CONTINUE »
August 5, 2011 14:07

Verdict: Five NOPD Officers Guilty in Danziger Bridge Shootings, Cover-Up

A federal jury today found all five Danziger Bridge defendants guilty of the shootings that killed two civilians and seriously wounded four others in the days after Hurricane Katrina. The jury also found the officers guilty of a massive cover-up that lasted nearly five years. Five NOPD officers had previously pleaded guilty in the case. CONTINUE »
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