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October 6, 2011 13:48 Tough Sentences for Danziger Bridge Officers Turned Witnesses Federal prosecutors yesterday asked for leniency in sentencing two former New Orleans police officers who pleaded guilty to participating in the cover-up of the notorious post-Katrina Danziger Bridge shootings. CONTINUE »
September 15, 2011 13:26 FBI Agents To Monitor New Orleans Police Two FBI agents will be stationed full time in the NOPD's Public Integrity Bureau, the department and the FBI jointly announced this week. The agents, whose presence was requested by the NOPD, will investigate allegations of significant corruption or civil rights violations in the department. CONTINUE »
August 5, 2011 14:07 Verdict: Five NOPD Officers Guilty in Danziger Bridge Shootings, Cover-Up A federal jury today found all five Danziger Bridge defendants guilty of the shootings that killed two civilians and seriously wounded four others in the days after Hurricane Katrina. The jury also found the officers guilty of a massive cover-up that lasted nearly five years. Five NOPD officers had previously pleaded guilty in the case. CONTINUE »

Press Reaction


Mark Feeney, The Boston Globe

"'Law & Disorder,' uses a death in the immediate aftermath of Katrina as a lens to look at the New Orleans Police Department. It’s not a pretty sight."

Joanne Ostrow, The Denver Post

"Beyond the familiar pictures ... this investigative piece reveals a particularly grim untold story about the use of deadly force ..."

Alex Roberts, TV Soundoff

"The PBS Frontline documentary 'Law and Disorder' offers up yet more cause for ire and dismay. ... [I]t suggests that the mayhem in the city didn’t inspire the best or brightest crisis management behavior from the local men in blue."

posted august 25, 2010

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