A Dangerous Business Revisited
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David Uhlmann

David Uhlmann David Uhlmann

As chief of the Department of Justice Environmental Crimes Section, Uhlmann headed an office of some 40 lawyers responsible for the prosecution of environmental and wildlife crimes nationwide, including the prosecutions of McWane, Inc. for violations committed at five of their plants.

Hank Habicht, John Henshaw, and Pat Tyson Hank Habicht,
John Henshaw,
and Pat Tyson

Habicht, Henshaw and Tyson are former top officials at the EPA and OSHA who now work as environmental, health and safety consultants. They were hired by McWane to help with the company's turnaround.

Marc Freedman Marc Freedman

Freedman is director of labor law policy at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, which represents some 3 million businesses before Congress, regulatory agencies and the courts. For more than a decade, the Chamber of Commerce has lobbied against tougher criminal penalties for OSHA violations.

Ronald Tenpas Ronald Tenpas

As the assistant attorney general in charge of the Justice Department's Environment and Natural Resources Division, Tenpas runs the 40-person Enrivonmental Crimes Section, which has successfully prosecuted McWane, British Petroleum and other companies for environmental crimes involving the deaths and serious injuries of workers.

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posted february 5, 2008

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