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\'What, if any, action should we take as a result of publication?\'


Problem: Unauthorized disclosure of classified national security information by Sy Hersh and the NYT.

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News story - 5/25/75, Sunday NYT, U.S. sub operations off Soviet coast.

Question: What, if any, action should we take as a result of publication?

Purpose - Goals

  1. To enforce the law which prohibits such disclosure.
  2. To discourage the NYT and other publications from similar actions
  3. To stop find + prosecute the individual in gov't. who provided the information.
  4. To discourage others from leaking such information in the future.
  5. To demonstrate the dangers to nat'l. security which develop from when investigations exceed the bounds of propriety,
  6. To create an environment in which the ongoing investigations of the intelligence community are conducted w/o harming our own intelligence capabilities.

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posted feb. 13, 2007; updated feb. 20, 2007

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