My Father, My Brother, and Me

Video Stories

Watch short stories Dave Iverson and Michael Schwarz filmed over the past two years while making My Father, My Brother, and Me.

Before receiving a fetal cell transplant several years ago, Peter Sauer's Parkinson's was so bad he could barely walk. Today, at 72, he is filled with life and energy.

WATCH PREVIEWHave You Ever Seen a Stem Cell?
Embryonic stem cells have been the source of ongoing controversy, but what exactly are they? Dave takes a microscopic look.

Can a Catholic support stem cell research? Dave talks intimately about his faith as he faces Parkinson's and struggles to reconcile scientific progress with religious ethics.

As Dave nears the point where he'll probably start taking medication for his Parkinson's, he talks about the significance of this decision.

WATCH PREVIEWThe Exercise Effect
How scientists have discovered a clue about how exercise may help protect the brain against the effects of Parkinson's disease.

WATCH PREVIEWThe Genetic Connection
Until relatively recently, Parkinson's was not thought to have a genetic basis. But new research is providing fresh insights into the disease's origins, and possibilities for treatment.

posted january 29, 2009

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