the released

Press Reaction

Andrew Ryan, The Globe and Mail (Toronto, Ont.)

... Prepare to be appalled. ... A startling look at a health crisis waiting to happen.

Mark Dawidziak, The Cleveland Plain Dealer

... bleak ... a picture etched in frustration, pain and tragedy, and the dismal statistics cited by the filmmakers. It is a picture that's difficult to get out of your head. ...

Gina Bellafante, The New York Times

... bears the distinct characteristics of a “Frontline” offering: dolorous, reproachful, illuminating in detail if not enlightening in its arguments. ...

Alan Johnson, The Columbus Dispatch (Ohio)

... a grim but realistic look at a growing problem in Ohio and the rest of the nation ...

Cynthia Fuchs,

... Heartbreaking and clear-eyed, The Released submits that this system is obviously unsustainable -- for inmates, health workers, and law enforcement officials. That it goes on nonetheless, when everyone inside it can see the problems every day, is tragic, but also deplorable.

Mike Hughes, The Cincinnati Enquirer

... paints a dark picture of men whose problems persist, whether or not they are free.

Mike Kelly, The Toledo Blade

... it’s certainly an eye-opener. It’s more than a little unsettling to realize how many inmates with serious mental illnesses are released into our communities each year. ...

posted april 28, 2009

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