Can You Afford to Retire?
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the changing world of retirement

Analysis of America's private pension system -- what's gone wrong and what's ahead for millions of aging baby boomers.

The New Reality
Millions on the brink of retirement have watched their 401(k)s plummet in value. Here's links to the financial turmoil's impact on retirement and what you can do.

Producer's Notebook: "There Will Be Time and Money Enough for Me and You Later"
FRONTLINE producer Rick Young remembers a departed steelworker whose retirement benefits were slashed after his company, LTV Steel, went bankrupt.

What You Need to Set Aside
Forty million Americans now have 401(k) plans. Correspondent Hedrick Smith talks with experts about how people are handling this new do-it-yourself retirement saving system and the common mistakes they're making.

The End of Lifetime Pensions?
Troubled companies have dumped their underfunded pension plans, leaving the federal pension insurance system holding the bag. Hedrick Smith talks with experts about whether the private pension system can be protected.

Update: The Pension Protection Act of 2006
Americans are learning pensions aren't reliable. In 2006, Congress passed new pension legislation, but will it fix the problem -- or make it worse?

401(k)s: The New Retirement Plan, For Better or Worse
Hedrick Smith talks with experts about the explosive growth of 401(k)s and whether they can really help middle class workers maintain their standard of living in retirement.

Exploring the New Corporate Bankruptcy Strategy
Chapter 11 has become a strategic tool for troubled companies. Hedrick Smith talks with industry insiders about how it worked in the case of United Airlines, and whether it's time for reforms to protect workers' benefits.

Looking Ahead -- A New Era of Retirement?
Three experts on the U.S. workforce and retirement discuss the new reality confronting many middle class Americans.

Why Does Retirement Cost So Much?
An overview of the staggering amount of money experts advise having for retirement; one recommends saving 15 times your salary for the golden years.

Public Pensions - More Trouble Ahead?
Cities and states are facing the same red ink with their pension trust funds as are private companies and corporations.

"Youth Is Wasted on the Generation Y Investor"
A recent New York Times article on the mistakes young workers are making in saving for retirement through 401(k)s and some advice on what they should change.

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posted may 16, 2006

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