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THE NEW ASYLUMS...America's severely mentally ill, who once would have been in state psychiatric hospitals, are now in state prisons. Why is this happening?  And what is mental health care like behind bars? FRONTLINE goes deep inside Ohio's prison system to examine a troubling and growing issue.introduction

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Some Frequently Asked Questions

Why are so many mentally ill behind bars? Who's to blame? What can I do as a citizen? Why is Ohio at the forefront of dealing with this issue?...

The Situation State-By-State

An interactive map displaying statistics on the mentally ill in state prisons and contact information in each state.

Special Reports

A look at the legacy of closing America's mental hospitals ... the push for mental health diversion courts ... why so many mentally ill cycle back into jails and prisons after being released.

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Funding for FRONTLINE is provided by the Park Foundation and through the support of PBS viewers. Additional funding for "The New Asylums" is provided by the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation and the Open Society Institute.

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posted may 10, 2005

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