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Betting on the Market


FRONTLINE's timely report on Wall Street was hailed by one newspaper as "the year's most frightening TV show!"

Reported by Joe Nocera of Fortune magazine, this program examines the surge in middle class Wall Street investors, and the growing influence of the mutual funds and their powerful super star managers. This report also offers a sobering historical perspective on the stock market.

Can the euphoria of Wall Street be sustained? For how long? Check out this special FRONTLINE 'audiocast' report which presents top experts Ron Chernow, Peter Lynch, Jordan Goodman, Jim Cramer, James Grant, Peter Bernstein, Bill Fleckenstein, Diana Henriques and Jim Jubak.

This audiocast uses RealVideo technology and requires RealPlayer 4.0 or later to work. We strongly recommend a 28.8Kbps or faster modem.

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