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energy traders
blackout program excerpt (6:38)
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As the price of power tripled in California last summer, Loretta Lynch, the president of California's Public Utilities Commission, was forced to pass on high rates to consumers. In this excerpt from "Blackout," Enron CEO Jeff Skilling responds to Lynch's claims that energy companies were to blame because they manipulated the fragile energy market. Also, advocates for and against public power explain the fundamentals of their positions.

vice president dick cheney
interview: vice president dick cheney (1:26)
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In this excerpt from his interview with FRONTLINE correspondent Lowell Bergman, Cheney argues that national energy policy should focus on developing adequate energy supply, and blames the "flawed policies of the past" for the current situation.

(For more, read Cheney's interview transcript.)

governor gray davis
interview: governor gray davis (1:18)
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FRONTLINE correspondent Lowell Bergman questions Davis about whether his office was engaged in secret settlement negotiations with Duke Energy. Davis denies that he participated directly in the discussions, but says that "there may be room for a meeting of the minds" between the state and Duke regarding Duke's alleged overcharging for electricity.

(For more, read Davis's interview transcript.)

loretta lynch
interview: loretta lynch (1:33)
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Lynch is the president of the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC), which regulates the state's privately owned electric and natural gas companies. In this excerpt from her interview, she rejects the argument that the troubles in California are simply necessary "growing pains" induced by the energy industry's transition to a free market.

(For more, read Lynch's interview transcript.)

ken lay
interview: ken lay (:53)
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Enron CEO Ken Lay discusses whether Enron will settle with California for less than it's owed for power it sold the state.

(For more, read Lay's interview transcript.)

laudromat guy
A Small Business Suffers
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In this web-only video report, FRONTLINE talks to the owner of a laundromat in Berkeley, California, whose rapidly increasing utility bills are threatening to put him out of business.

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