Burden of Innocence
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» Toronto Globe and MailJohn Doyle

"... a deeply sobering story about the American justice system."

» St. Louis Post-DispatchGail Pennington

"... a powerful hour ..."

» TV GuideSusan Stewart

"... [a] thoughtful, intimate documentary ..."

» Chicago TribuneSteve Johnson

"What happens after exoneration, after the TV cameras record the joyful moment of a man who didn't do it first walking free? The answer, we know instinctively, is that it must be incredibly difficult. The strength of producer Ofra Bikel's 60-minute 'Burden of Innocence' is that it takes such realities out of the realm of the abstract."

» Boston GlobeMark Jurkowitz

"'Burden of Innocence' illuminates the disturbing truth that the joyous hugs and tears that accompany the release of an innocent prisoner are often replaced with a sobering spiral into misery and failure. But the documentary might have been more revealing if Bikel had just focused on the divergent lives of Charles and Robinson to help us understand why one victim of a horrible injustice survives and another one shatters."

» Los Angeles TimesJosh Friedman

"In the provocative one-hour documentary 'Burden of Innocence,' Frontline producer Ofra Bikel examines the challenges facing exonerated inmates such as Charles, most of whom reenter society without assistance, financial or otherwise."


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published may 1, 2003

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