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Creating A New Afghanistan
After The Taliban: The Race For A New Afghanistan

U.S. policymakers, U.N. officials, and world leaders discuss their hurried efforts to forge a broad-based, multiethnic government for Afghanistan as military offensives on the ground toppled the Taliban regime more quickly than anticipated.

Filling The Vacuum: The Bonn Conference

On Nov. 27, 2001, delegates from traditionally hostile ethnic factions, united only by their opposition to the Taliban, were brought together for the first time when the United Nations convened a conference in Bonn, Germany, on the future of Afghanistan. Here's an overview of how they created a blueprint for a transitional post-Taliban government.

Behind The Scenes At Bonn

Insiders involved in the Bonn Conference describe the challenges of bringing together the various hostile Afghan factions, the forging of behind-the-scenes compromises, and the persistent fear that the conference might break up without a final agreement.

INTERVIEW: Lakhdar Brahimi

Brahimi was appointed U.N. special representative to Afghanistan in October 2001, a post he previously held from July 1997 to October 1999. In this position, he oversaw the Bonn Conference. He described for FRONTLINE the challenges of getting the various Afghan delegations to the table while facing tremendous pressure from the U.S. and other external players with a stake in the outcome.

INTERVIEW: Dr. Abdullah

Dr. Abdullah is the foreign minister of Afghanistan. He also served as foreign minister in the interim administration from December 2001 to June 2002 and prior to that as foreign minister for the Northern Alliance. In this interview, he discusses the power struggles within the Northern Alliance when it came time to create a new government for Afghanistan at the Bonn Conference.

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