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discussion: Do you think China can be America's partner, or adversary?


Soon after I came to the greatest city in the world--New York and the greatest country in the world--USA, and soon after I married a nice Jewish guy who are concerned about the fate of Isral people the terrible bombing happened. I am very sad for those innocent people and hate those condamned terrorist. Meanwhile as an ordinary Chinese people I am very concerned my Chinese government's reaction to this disaster happened in USA.

I want my Chinese government take this side with USA to against terrorist. And obviously I hope USA government admit "ONLY ONE CHINA" till our whole country become a real unity by peaceful way.

li S.
ny, ny


It all depends on what we (US) do, especially on the issue of Taiwan. By arming Taiwan and criticizing China in every opportunity, US is more and more alienating itself from ordinary Chinese. If this trend continues, it will eventually hurt US interests. How long can we keep arming Taiwan? Do we really want to make China an enemy, a country whose GDP will one day equal or exceed ours? Frankly I think we should push Taiwan to peacefully settle with China, and forever leave the Taiwan issue behind us. Like it or not, it's pure numbers, one side has 1.3 billion and increasingly important to us economically, the other side has 20 million and potentially drag us into war!

Zee Wiley
los angeles, california


Isn't it possible to be partners in Asia with China and encourage social policy reform at the same time?

michael larson
atlanta, ga


I understand how some or most Americans would love to see Taiwan remain independent of China. But, I do not believe that we as Americans should be asked by our government to spill our blood in a Chinese/Taiwanese dispute.

I was a member of the Army Reserves for 7 years. I would go to war to defend the America. I would not willingly go to war to defend another country.

Send American troops to foriegn soil to spill their blood in behalf of another country? It is very easy for people seated in an armchair in front of their TV's to decide or agree that's is such a grand and noble idea.

This dispute between China and Taiwan. If we can use bluff and bluster to keep them talking, great. But that's as far as I can tolerate our involvement. Arms sales, training, etc. If they decide to fight, that is their decision.

Mike Rehbein
maplewood, mn

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