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FL: the environment of the Senate...can you talk a bit more on that?


Trust is the most dangerous investment that you can make as a politician. First of all, simply trusting someone with the truth with what you actually think about a policy, about Hillary Clinton, about Bob Dole, is an extremely dangerous thing. If you think something negative, that word can get around.

If you're an arch conservative Republican, and you happen to think something favorable about Hillary Clinton, you might not want that to get around. You end up in that world, I think at a kind of subconscious level, almost craving the ability to trust someone, but always recognizing that it is the single most dangerous thing you can do. And when you have the United States innate with 100 people enveloped in that kind of dynamic with trust, you know friendships are going to be kind of limited engagements there. It's a very unnatural condition.

I mean I would suggest that possibly the most important argument for term limits is simply almost for the psychological well being of the holders. How long can you do that? How long is the denial of the very simple human indulgence in something as necessary as trust, how long is that possible for someone.

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