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photo of john f . kerry

a chronlogy of john f. kerry's life
what makes a good president?

Analysis from experts on the qualities required to be a strong and effective president.

john f. kerry

In these extended interviews, those who know or have closely studied John Kerry offer insights into his life and character, and the leadership qualities that he would bring to the presidency.

photo of barbiero

David Barbiero
... friend and classmate at St. Paul's and Yale and fellow Vietnam veteran

photo of brinkley

Douglas Brinkley
... historian and author of Tour of Duty - John Kerry and the Vietnam War

photo of gourevitch

Philip Gourevitch
... New Yorker staff writer who has covered Kerry in the 2004 campaign

photo of winer

Jonathan Winer
... former aide and investigator for Senator Kerry


Some views and observations on John Kerry's life, career, values and temperament, drawn from the dozens of interviews conducted for "The Choice 2004."

the 2002 iraq vote
kerry as a youth
kerry at yale
kerry and vietnam
the 1972 defeat
kerry as senator
core traits and instincts
decision making style
what's at stake?

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posted oct. 12, 2004

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