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Told from inside the presidency, ABC's Nightline and PBS's Frontline present the first look at the Clinton era
the clinton years
chapters 1992: campaign1992-1993: transition1993-1994: promise/defeat1995-1996: defeat/victory1997-1998: renewal/impeachment1999-2000: post-impeachment
Intimate and anecdotal interviews with 20 White House staffers, cabinet members and advisors.
photos of the clinton years
A unique pictorial record by veteran White House photographer Robert McNeely drawn from over a half million images.
The first person he told the truth to about Lewinsky; the real root of the Whitewater investigations; the $200 haircut; and more.
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FRONTLINE's Related Report on Clinton: 'Stories of Bill'
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Photo Courtesy Robert McNeely (from The Clinton Years)
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The Clinton Years

He was a masterful campaigner - a skilled politician whose command of the issues and ability to connect with an audience impressed seasoned politicos and voters alike. Yet a rocky transition and a succession of scandals and mistakes - both personal and political - very nearly derailed the presidency of William Jefferson Clinton.

As a new president takes the helm of the ship of state, FRONTLINE and ABC's Nightline join forces to present "The Clinton Years." A weeklong series of special Nightline reports culminates in this two-hour FRONTLINE documentary that follows Bill Clinton from the governor's mansion in Little Rock through a hard-fought campaign and his eight years in the White House. Through interviews with George Stephanopolous, Dee Dee Myers, Madeleine Albright, and other key administration officials, this seminal documentary hosted by Nightline's Ted Koppel offers the first inside look at the Clinton presidency.

published jan. 2001