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the crash the imf, the world bank & their critics
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The World Bank is a development institution set up to lend money and help promote economic and social programs in developing countries. The International Monetary Fund oversees member nations' monetary and exchange rates and administers a pool of money from which member nations can borrow when in trouble.
Views and comments on the IMF

How Stanley Fischer, Jeffrey Sachs, David Rothkopf, Jeffrey Garten and William Greider assess the IMF's performance in the Asian financial crisis (excerpted from the full FRONTLINE interviews.)
The Hoover Institution Public Policy Inquiry The International Monetary Fund

Here's a rich selection of material on the IMF including the section, "Abolish the IMF?" where George Shultz, Lawrence Summers, James Glassman, Paul Krugman and others offer opposing viewpoints.

Another section to explore is "Mission Creep" for articles on whether IMF financing decisions should consider human rights, government corruption, geopolitics, social safety nets and labor, trade and environmental issues. Elsewhere off this page, there are "Reform Proposals" which are broken into "Academic" proposals (Martin Feldstein, the Heritage Foundation, Paul Krugman, Jeffrey Sachs and James Tobin) and proposals from "Official" camps such as member countries and the IMF.

In addition, the "Origins" section collects background pieces on the historical context for creating the IMF; the Bretton Woods Conference; and "Recent Financing Initiatives" which studies the pros and cons of recent financing programs in Africa, East Asia, Eastern Europe, Latin America and Europe.
The International Monetary Fund (IMF)

Its web site contains a round-up of information including, "Frequently Asked Questions," a fact sheet and a summary of how the IMF and the World Bank differ. Under "Topics of Interest" there is an Asian Crisis Factsheet and information on the IMF's Debt Relief program.
Proposed Policy Solutions to the Crisis, the IMF Role and the Debate on Its Refunding

Here's a large collection of analysis and ideas for revamping the architecture of the global financial system. Worth exploring, too, is the overall site which is authored by Nouriel Roubini, currently Senior Economist on the White House Council of Economic Advisers.
The World Bank

Its web site answers a range of questions about this institution: what it is, its role, money sources, history and "why do we need a World Bank?" The site also has a "Social Crisis in East Asia" section with several reports and essays.
interview with Joseph E. Stiglitz

FRONTLINE's interview with Joseph E. Stiglitz, the World Bank's Senior Vice President and Chief Economist.

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