Cyber War!

press reaction

The Boston GlobeSuzanne C. Ryan

"... 'Frontline' explores a potential danger that isn't talked about much: Enemy attacks form cyberspace could shut down the nation's power grid, the water supply, and the air traffic control, among other essentials. ...

"It includes insightful interviews with former federal officials, computer hackers, and executives from private industry, who collectively make the case that the nation is vulnerable to an attack on its infrastructure, by groups such as Al Qaeda. ...

"The film does include some skeptics, but it's hard to take them seriously, given the ominous tone of the others who were interviewed. ...

"'Cyber War!' takes a thorough look at the nation's online vulnerabilities. While such a war is no means a certainty, the film is convincing in saying we should try to shore up our cyber security."

Monica CollinsBoston Herald

"As television fixates on faux reality shows ... the fine PBS documentary series 'Frontline' presents the harsher, more challenging aspects of real life in nonfiction films that challenge the comfort quo. Eating bugs seems such a trivial terror in light of a 'Frontline' expose. ...

"Your view of 'Cyber War!' will depend on whether you are an optimist or pessimist -- whether you believe our nation's Internet policy wonks can conquer such threats or will be hobbled by them. ..."

Mike DuffyDetroit Free Press

"Looking for a reason to fear the Internet? Well, along comes 'Cyber War!' The provocative report explores the potential dangers of terrorist attacks launched from cyberspace. Oh, swell. But instead of tabloid shock, 'Frontline' does its usual strong journalism, offering a thoughtful, absorbing look at a whole new kind of battlefield. ..."

Ann HodgesHouston Chronicle

"... Some of the attack information the experts give here is uncomfortably close to a blueprint, and that kind of thing always makes me nervous. But it's obviously Frontline's aim to be out front at sounding an alarm, and at that, it certainly succeeds. Grade: A"

John DoyleThe Globe and Mail

"... Frontline has a very interesting, somewhat alarming report called Cyber War! ...

"The viewer is left wondering about the plausibility of an actual 'cyber war' breaking out. It could just be another excuse for governments to interfere with private correspondence and place more limits on the expression of unpopular ideas. You don't know whether to prepare yourself for the destruction of civilization y hackers, or for the inevitability of some uptight geek reading your e-mails and creating a file about you. Either way, it's another reason to brace yourself."



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published apr. 24, 2003

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