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1) What proportion of the American population is overweight?

A) One-third

B) One-quarter

C) Two-thirds

2) What proportion of the American population is obese?

A) One-third

B) One-quarter

C) Two-thirds

3) The Center for Disease Control ranked poor diet and exercise habits as the _____ most common cause of death for Americans in the year 2000.

A) First

B) Second

C) Third

4) How long would you have to walk to burn off the calories from eating a jelly doughnut?

A) 30 minutes

B) 45 minutes

C) 60 minutes

5) How many pounds of food does the average American consume each year?

A) 1100

B) 1300

C) 1600

6) Which of the following is more than a recommended serving from the food pyramid's bread, cereal and pasta group?

A) One cup of cooked pasta

B) One cup of cold cereal

C) One slice of bread

7) What is the average number of steps Americans take each day?

A) 4,000

B) 5,000

C) 6,000

8) What proportion of Americans meet the government's recommendation of 30 minutes of daily exercise?

A) Less than one-half

B) Less than one-third

C) Less than one-quarter

9) If current trends hold, the CDC estimates that one out of how many children will develop diabetes during their lifetime?

A) One out of two

B) One out of three

C) One out of four

10) Walking for 30 to 45 minutes per day lowers the risk of developing type 2 diabetes by what percentage?

A) 10 to 20 percent

B) 20 to 30 percent

C) 30 to 40 percent

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posted april 8, 2004

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