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FRONTLINE's Saving Elian: examining how a little boy became a metaphor for the passionate 40-year struggle over Cuba
Views & Analyses: elian's legacy, the castro fixation, the cuban exile community's power�photo of protestsInterviews: moderate and hardline cuban-americans discuss their community's politics and psyche��
photo of protestsphoto of elian gonzalesphoto of a cocktail party
Discussion: share your views on the meaning and lasting effects of the elian story��photo of protestsTimeline: events & policies which have shaped the 40-year u.s.-cuba confrontation���
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Saving Elian

On November 25, 1999, a five-year-old Cuban boy was plucked from the shark infested waters off Florida, and what began as a Thanksgiving story soon erupted into a political and social firestorm that transfixed the nation and rocked Miami's Cuban-American community to its core. FRONTLINE examines the passion and the purpose behind the battle over Elin Gonzalez and its effect on both the Miami community and the Cuban-American cause. With footage from Miami and Cuba, and interviews with participants and observers on both sides of the controversy, the documentary explores how one little boy became a symbol of a forty-year struggle for the future of a nation.

published feb. 2001