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For exploring more on the many facets of the Elian Gonzalez fight and the story's larger context: Cuba and U.S.-Cuba relations

the fight over elian

arrow Elian Gonzalez (salon)

There's a lot to explore here in's directory of articles about the saga and the politics and culture of Cuban Miami. Includes an eclectic range of essays by various writers including Max Castro, Camille Paglia, David Horowitz and Arianna Huffington, plus crosslinks to other material.
arrow And a Child Shall Lead Them: Miami's Passionate, Self-Defeating Fight for Elian Gonzalez (new republic)

A few articles from The New Republic on the story. Writer Charles Lane maintains that even if Miami's Cuban community could win and keep Elian in the U.S., it would be a Pyrrhic victory. The real battle says Lane is about their homeland and the focus on Elian diverts attention from the problems there. Another Lane article supports the U.S. Cuban embargo, and The New Republic editors, assail Republican senators in the Elian controversy for ceding one of their core tenets -- family values -- to politics.
arrow Keep Elian Free (capitalism)

Capitalism Magazine passionately advocated for keeping Elian Gonzalez in the U.S. Its site includes editorials, an extensive FAQ on their view of the issues, and links to like-minded views and opinions elswhere.
arrow INS - Elian Gonzalez

The Immigration and Naturalization Service web site has developed a special section on Elian containing INS statements, court rulings and statements by Attorney General Janet Reno.
arrow Path To Freedom

While the material on this site is largely pro-Cuba essays/articles authored by the same person, there's a few sections you might want to explore: photos of Elian's Cuban family, his hometown Cardenas and how it looked during the controversy; court documents and rulings in the Elian case; and letters written by Elian's dad, Juan Miguel Gonzalez--including one to Fidel Castro. (Note: Some links on this site don't work.)
arrow The Battle Over Elian Gonzalez (abc news)

Here is the ABC News archive of stories, organized by the different Elian "eras:" his arrival and stay, the government's pre-dawn raid and seizure, and recent developments.  Includes some video reports as well as the transcript of the famous Diane Sawyer interview with the boy.
arrow Miami Herald Archive

Every Miami Herald article published on the Elian story is collected here. It also includes a timeline of key events, Herald editorials, court rulings and other related documents. Plus video reports from local and national television, including the ABCNews/Diane Sawyer interview with the boy.
arrow Kidnap in Miami (granma)

Explore the news reports and opinions on the Elian story as published by Granma, Cuba's state newspaper.
arrow The Washington Post's Archive on Elian and Cuba (washington post)

Here's a rich archive which seems to be updated regularly. The "Cuba Report" section has other news stories on Cuba and the site includes multimedia features on the Elian case including slide shows, photo galleries, video and timelines.

cuba and u.s. cuba relations
arrow U.S.-Cuban Relations in the 21st Century - From The Council on Foreign Relations

This comprehensive report by the Council's bipartisan Independent Task Force, issued in late 2000, states that Cuba's transition to a democratic, free market society is "inevitable."

The report offers a good summary of the 40-year history of U.S.-Cuba relations. Its recommendations focus on reaching out to the Cuban people, fostering more open relations with Cuba and building bipartisan consensus on new U.S. legislation on Cuba. The end of the report includes interesting related documents and background material.

arrow The U.S. Interests Section in Havana

This site collects a range of statements, analyses, speeches, legislation and initiatives pertaining to U.S. Cuban policy. One example: Vicki Huddleston, principal officer of the U.S. Interests Section in Havana, writes at length on current relations in "U.S.-Cuba Relations After Elian Gonzalez."
arrow 1999 Country Reports on Human Rights Practices

The U.S. State Department released this report in February 2000. Its authors found no evidence of politically motivated murders or disappearances in Cuba. But they harshly criticize police brutality and sub-par prison conditions. There are status reports for several areas of concern, including the state-run press and Cubans' freedom of religion.
arrow Free Cuba Foundation

Active for years in opposing the Castro regime, this organization states that its activities--summarized in a chronology--are "dedicated to establishing an independent and democratic Cuba through non-violent means." In the section on political prisoners, there are pictures and histories of several prisoners said to be detained in Cuba, along with an explanation of the prisoner classification system. ("D" is for disrespect; "DHM" means defamation of heroes and martyrs; "TJ" notes that the prisoner is a Jehovah's Witness, and more.) There is a large collection of inspirational sayings by José Martí, the Cuban poet and martyr who symbolized Cuba's struggle for independence from Spain in the late 19th century.
arrow The Cuban American National Foundation (CANF)

For decades this Miami-based organization has successfully led the lobbying for a hardline U.S. stance on Cuba. The group had a less prominent role in the Elian fight, but paid for the legal defense to keep the child in the U.S. CANF's position on supplying aid to Cubans is in its 1998 statement, "Principles Underlying Any Effort to Enhance Humanitarian Assistance to The Cuban People." There's a video archive with several commercials the group aired over the years, and videotaped testimony of CANF's well-known former leader, Jorge Mas Canosa, in a 1994 appearance before Congress. (Requires Windows Media Player)

(See FRONTLINE's interview with CANF's executive director Joe Garcia. Also, read a Fox News article on CANF's influence on the Cuban community and its political clout.)

arrow The Cuban American Alliance

This network of moderate Cuban Americans seeks to educate about the hardships caused by current U.S. Cuban policy, and to lobby the U.S. Congress to soften its stance on the Cuban embargo. It also argued for the return of Elian to Cuba. The site contains an updated listing on all Cuba-related legislation that has been introduced in Congress.
arrow Cuba and Cuban Americans on the Internet

Compiled by the University of Miami's Richter library, this is a good collection of material on Cuba and Cuban Americans -- from historical postcards and photo collections of Cuba to links to travel guides, electronic journals, government entities, and elsewhere. Its link to the Castro Speech Database , offers many of Fidel's speeches over the past 40 years.
arrow CubaNet

Describing itself as a "nonpartisan and non-profit organization that fosters free press in Cuba ... and informs the world about Cuba's reality," this organization receives funding from the U.S. Agency for International Development, the National Endowment for Democracy, Open Society Institute, and private donors. Along with an extensive news archive, the site contains links to biographies from some of Cuba's most celebrated artists and samples of their work.

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