The Triumph of Evil is a report on how the West ignored warnings of the 1994 Rwanda genocide and turned its back on the victims.
interviews: UN & US writers and writer Philip Gourevitch 100 days of slaughter: a chronology of US/UN actions the somalia debacle: how it influenced the West's policy in Rwanda readings: French Actions in Rwanda; Defining the word genocide the un warning: the january 11 cable and the UN's response

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The Triumph of Evil

It is one of the most shameful stories of the post-Cold War world. One million Tutsis were slaughtered by the Hutu majority in Rwanda while the West turned a blind eye. As the U.N.s Genocide Conventioncreated to make sure genocide would never happen againmarks its fiftieth anniversary, FRONTLINE examines the role of the U.S. and the U.N. as they ignored the warnings and evidence of impending massacre in Rwanda.

FRONTLINE's web site delves deeper into the story, offering: the cables showing how the UN and Western powers ignored warnings and evidence of impending massacre; a chronology of the US and UN actions during the 100 days of slaughter;interviews with US/UN officials and writer Philip Gourevitch; an update on justice in Rwanda today;and readings on genocide and Hutu/Tutsi relations over two centuries.

published jan. 1999



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