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faith and doubt at ground zero
a photo of the trade centers and a cathedral interior
Questions of Faith and Doubt

Where was God on Sept. 11? What is the nature of evil? Would the world be better off without religion? Or is religion our last refuge? On the following pages are extended excerpts from FRONTLINE's interviews with religious leaders and thinkers, writers, and people personally affected by Sept. 11, who confront these questions with courage and candor.

voices of september 11

The drama of faith and doubt began when the first plane disappeared into the North Tower. Here are testimonies of six people who suffered terrible losses on Sept. 11, and two who survived the destruction of the World Trade Center.

The Question of God

For many people of faith, the face of God was altered on Sept. 11; the old, comforting images no longer sufficed. For atheists and agnostics, it was not God but humanity that was called into question. How did Sept. 11 affect our notions of what God is and isn't?

The Question of Evil

On Sept. 11, the word "evil" gained new currency, as President Bush and others began using the term not as an adjective but as a noun. Did we look into the face of evil that day? What is it we talk about when we talk about evil?

The Question of Religion

Since Sept. 11, many are asking with urgency, and anger, how such things can be done in the name of God. Many have been forced to look at the potential for darkness within their own religious traditions. Is religion itself the problem, or the solution? Can it be both?

Epilogue: Ground Zero

In the end, what kind of faith can be salvaged from the ruins of Ground Zero?

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