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Almost 20 years after her husband Frank Fuster was sentenced to 165 years in prison for sexually abusing more than 20 children, his former wife, Ileana Flores, came forward to FRONTLINE to say that her damning trial testimony against her ex-husband was untrue. She says she was physically and psychologically coerced to testify against her husband by the Dade County state attorney's office, then headed by Janet Reno.

In this videoclip of her interview with FRONTLINE, Ileana Flores recounts a harrowing tale of being kept naked in her Dade County jail cell, held forcibly under cold showers, and subjected to repeated psychological badgering aimed at convincing her she had repressed memories of Frank Fuster's abuse. She even recalls late-night jail visits from Janet Reno.

You'll need realplayer to watch the clip.

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