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'Lost Children' Evokes Strong Response

Newspaper article in the Rockdale Citizen on the community's reaction to the broadcast of FRONTLINE's "The Lost Children of Rockdale County."

Further details on the 1996 syphilis outbreak

These cover Rockdale County's population, household income, occupational and educational levels, etc.

Information on syphilis;  statistics on adolescent sexuality

He is a former Rockdale County Commissioner and organized the town meeting for parents to discuss the syphilis outbreak in Rockdale County. A year later, he helped lead opposition to 'TeenPlus,' a statewide program to curb teen pregnancy and sexual activity.

Interview with Claire Sterk

She is a long-time student counselor and Director of Student Services for Rockdale County Schools.

Interview with Kathleen Toomey,

Why was a program to curb teen pregnancy and sexual activity rejected by Rockdale just two years after the syphilis outbreak?
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