the lost children of rockdale county
PIMPS AND SLUTS Here are the teens' answers to questions about the differences  in how boys and girls are viewed  concerning sexual behavior.
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ED. NOTE: Not all the teens interviewed by FRONTLINE or, who appeared in the FRONTLINE program, were exposed or even connected to the syphilis outbreak; in fact, many of the younger teens didn't know about the strange events that occurred in Rockdale County in the spring and summer of 1996.

It seems like girls who have a lot of sex have a worse reputation than guys. Is that true?

Katy: Mm hmm.

I mean if a guy does that nobody what...

Katy: If a guy does that then they're considered a pimp cause they get all these girls. A girl does that and they're considered a slut.

Brandi: Yeah, girls can sleep with the same amount of guys that guys can sleep with girls and they will be called the biggest slut, the biggest ho, but the guy is the pimp and the yeah, you know, you're the man. They get props for it but we get lowered for it. So it's not fair.

Well what's worse a slut or a pimp?

Katy: A slut. A pimp's good. Like, if you're like walkin' down the street and you see a guy with like four girls around him you're like, 'man, that that guy's probably got somethin' goin' on' you know. 'He's real cool. He got he he' ah, excuse me. 'He's got all these girls.' A girl walks around with like four guys it's like 'look at that little slut.' That's that's not good.

That doesn't seem fair.

Katy: It's not. Girls can't stand it, but that's how we have to live.

Jenny: Sometimes I think they just call girls ho's just because we're girls. And that's just what they see us as. I'm not really sure. I wish I knew--just for me to know why they're callin' everybody ho's. Because I don't think that a lot of girls are ho's.

Brandy: It makes me angry, but it makes me sad, too, because you know I really want a guy relationship just like a best friend--a guy that you can just talk to-- but you can't because guys will come out, I mean they'll just look at you and they'll just, they'll ask you, I mean, you know, You wanna have you wanna have sex, you know. And at different times they'll just be so disrespectful they'll just you know give me head stuff like that. I mean they are just so disrespectful to girls and all they do is talk that's all they want is sex. And they talk about girl's bodies you know. You walk by you can't have guy, you can't walk by a guy without them sayin' somethin' nasty

Do you think that guys respect girls? Guys your age?

Jenny: My age? No. Not at all. Even those that aren't my age, that are twenty-one, I still don't think they respect girls. I mean, there's very few of them that you'll find that do respect them. . . There's not very many of 'em. You're lucky if you get one I think.

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