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New York Daily News - Eric Mink

"...[A] fine piece of work--written, produced and directed by veteran Michael Kirk and reported by Jim Gilmore and Lowell Bergman.

The material is far-reaching and undeniably important: It focuses on whether Saddam Hussein's Iraq is actively involved in terrorist activities against the United States and, if so, whether nuclear, chemical and biological weapons are involved.

The program also examines what, if anything, the United States should do about Iraq...

...But since Sept. 11...[e]very news medium--newspapers, magazines, network and cable news--has its best people chasing the story. That makes it awfully hard for Frontline to get new content on the air while it's still fresh.

There's a lot of interesting material in 'Gunning for Saddam.' It is clearly written, crisply edited and cogently constructed. But there's nothing new in it..."

The Boston Globe - Mark Jurkowitz

"...There is little doubt that Hussein's disappearance from the scene would rid the planet of a very bad man. But removing the leader of a sovereign state by military force is a daunting and perilous prospect. And then there's that nagging open question about his actual connection to anti-US terror. Even Woolsey notes that 'if one sets the standard at conclusive evidence, one will always be disappointed in virtually any intelligence assessment.' But if 'Gunning for Saddam' can't quite make the case for his guilt beyond a reasonable doubt' it shows no reluctance to offer the jury an impassioned argument for the death penalty, anyway..."

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