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This map of Israel shows the areas it took over following the June 1967 Arab-Israeli war in which Israel successfully launched a preemptive attack against Egyptian, Syrian and Jordanian forces massed along its borders. Israel seized the Sinai from Egypt, the strategically important Golan Heights from Syria, and the West Bank and East Jerusalem from Jordan.

In 1979, the Sinai was returned to Egypt, after Egypt signed a mutual recognition pact with Israel. Since then, negotiations have focused on the remaining territories occupied by Israel since 1967 and achieving a return to the pre-1967 borders.

map of the israel and surrounding countries

Population of Jews and Arabs living in Israel in 2004--(in thousands)

Israeli Jews: 5235.1
Israeli Arabs: 1339.2
[source: Israel Central Bureau of Statistics, "Statistical Abstract of Israel, 2004"]

Jewish Settlers in the Occupied Territories

Total settler population in the West Bank and Gaza Strip:
1972: 1,500
1983: 29,090
1992: 109,784
2004: 239,800

Total settler population in East Jerusalem:
1972: 6,900
1992: 141,000
2000: 170,400
2004: 185,000

Total settler population in the Golan Heights: 20,000
[source: Foundation for Middle East Peace]

Where the Palestinians are

West Bank (including East Jerusalem): 2.4 million
Gaza Strip: 1.4 million
[source: Foundation for Middle East Peace]

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