the invasion of iraq
press reaction

 Defense Week Ron Laurenzo

"... This documentary provides a fascinating, well-rounded account of the lightning campaign that seems almost forgotten by the public less than a year before its first anniversary. It would be difficult to find a more carefully researched, well-crafted account of the invasion crammed into a two-hour package. ..."

 Newsday Noel Holston

"World War II had been over almost 30 years when England's Thames TV completed its now celebrated 26-part recap, 'The World At War.' 'Frontline' turned around 'The Invasion of Iraq' in less than a year.

"Granted, World War II was a tad larger and more complicated, but that's not the point. The point is, this new 'Frontline,' comparatively instant history, is a decent match for 'The World At War' in terms of its mix of strategic and grunt-level perspectives, its command of pertinent detail, and its insight. And its human immediacy is not just greater, it's all but unimaginable. ..."

 Hartford Courant Roger Catlin

"... For all the near-constant coverage at the time, the enthusiasm of the 'embedded' reporters and the endless 24-hour news cycle, a whole lot of what happened either went unreported or was never put in the kind of sober context that comes in this two-hour report. ..."

 USA Today Robert Bianco

"TV's best documentary series, Frontline, continues its unparalleled prime-time examination of the war in Iraq with The Invasion of Iraq. ..."

 Los Angeles Times Carina Chocano

'The Invasion of Iraq' ... marks the upcoming one-year anniversary of the war with an investigative report that recounts the day-to-day reality of the conflict as experienced by commanders, soldiers and civilians on both sides in meticulous, often grueling, detail. ...

"The stories, mostly variations on the theme of confusion and misinformation, come together to form as clear a sense of the fog of war as seems possible. ..."

 Chicago Tribune Steve Johnson

"In 'Frontline's' ambitious two-hour chronicle of the United States' most recent war, viewers learn not just what happened out of view of cable news cameras almost a year ago during the rush to Baghdad, but also many of the reasons things in Iraq now are the way they are.

"These two hours are compelling as a chronicle of the war..."

 Sacramento Bee Kevin McCullough

"If journalism is the first draft of history, 'The Invasion of Iraq' on 'Frontline' offers a drastic rewrite informed by a year of hindsight and sobering reflection. ..."

 San Jose Mercury News Charlie McCollum

"As we approach the one-year anniversary of the invasion of Iraq on March 20, 'Frontline' weighs in with an extensive -- and sometimes disturbing -- look at the aftermath of the war and 'the very messy peace' that followed the end of official hostilities. ... The film's conclusions may not please everyone, but they are thought-provoking."

 TV Barn Aaron Barnhart

"... Here, war glitches are not the result of ideology but bad intelligence. This, one could argue, is an unfortunate but inevitable outcome when you are a strong, decisive president prosecuting a war against a secretive enemy.

"'Frontline' briefly shows the ideology card. It's when Washington Post Pentagon whiz Tom Ricks suggests that allied forces leader Tommy Franks 'drank the Kool-Aid' served by Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld.

"But that's not quite the same as willfully disregarding the facts. And soon, fair-minded 'Frontline' is telling us what we already knew. Rumsfeld gambled on speed over might, putting U.S.-led forces in Baghdad in record time but stretched so thin that even small things -- like an 18-car supply convoy getting lost -- could have unexpected results. ..."


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posted february 26, 2004

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