the killer at thurston high

WHO IS KIP  KINKEL?  Drawing a portrait from his writings, actions and statements, and the memories and views of those closest to him

who is kinkel?
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school shooters
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Kip's Taped  Police Confession (RealAudio; 33 minutes)

This is Kip Kinkel's full interview with Detective Al Warthen at the Springfield Police station, conducted on the morning of May 21, 1998, two hours after he opened fire on the Thurston High cafeteria. Kip tearfully describes murdering his parents the previous day, repeating over and over, "I had no choice."

Kip's Writings & Statements

These excerpts include writings from his journal, the note he left confessing to the murder of his parents, some revealing notes from his school papers, and the statement Kip read to his victims at the sentencing hearing.

The Psychiatric Testimony

Was he mentally ill? Here is the testimony of two psychiatrists from Kip's sentencing hearing.


A chronology of Kip Kinkel's life and the events leading up to the horror of May 20-21, 1998.

An interview with Kristin Kinkel

Kip's older sister Kristin discusses what it was like growing up with her parents and brother, her parents' growing concerns about Kip, and how no one in the family saw any warning signs about what was coming.

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