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(x)Gerald Chaleff
A long-time criminal defense attorney, Chaleff served as deputy counsel to the Webster Commission, which investigated the L.A.P.D.'s handling of the Rodney King riots. In 1997, he was appointed to the Police Commission. Later, he became President of the Commission and played an instrumental role in negotiating the Department of Justice consent decree that provides federal monitoring of L.A.P.D. reforms. In February 2001, Chaleff was removed from the Commission by Mayor Richard Riordan.
(x)Judge Larry Fidler
The supervising judge of Los Angeles Superior Court in 1999, Fidler presided over all Rampart-related writs of habeas corpus petitions filed by the District Attorney's office and defense lawyers to overturn previous criminal convictions. The Court overturned nearly 100 such cases based on the revelations of Raphael Perez.
(x)Gil Garcetti
Garcetti became District Attorney for Los Angeles County in the aftermath of the Rodney King beating. Though unable to win a conviction in the O.J. Simpson trial, Garcetti did win re-election as DA in 1996. But with the L.A.P.D. Rampart scandal unfolding, Garcetti was defeated in 2000 by one of his deputies, Steve Cooley. He is now in private practice.
(x)Daryl Gates
L.A.P.D. police chief for fourteen years (1978-1992), Gates had risen through the ranks at the arm of the department's legendary leader, William H. Parker. Gates' blunt-speaking and pro-active policing garnered controversy and, ultimately, led to his resignation following the Rodney King beating.
(x)Detective Mike Hohan
On the final day of a special assignment to the Internal Affairs Division, Hohan was tasked with investigating the disappearance of six pounds of cocaine evidence from the L.A.P.D. property room. Hohan and his partner, Sgt. Lou Segura, quickly developed a trail leading to Officer Raphael Perez as the primary suspect. As their case unfolded, Hohan and Segura became principal investigators in the Rampart Corruption Task Force.
(x)Sgt. Brian Liddy
After joining the force in 1990, Liddy was awarded the department's Medal of Valor for a shoot-out during the Rodney King riots. In 1995, Liddy joined Rampart CRASH, at the same time as Rafael Perez, who would later implicate Liddy in several instances of police misconduct. Liddy was one of the first Rampart officers charged criminally by the District Attorney. A jury convicted Liddy of conspiracy to obstruct justice and filing false police reports, but the trial judge subsequently dismissed the conviction. That decision is on appeal.
(x)Chief Bernard Parks
After 32 years on the department, Parks became Chief of the L.A.P.D. in 1997. Publicly, he has called for vigorous prosecution of officers accused of criminal misconduct, and, internally, pushed the Department's ongoing disciplinary proceedings, positions that have made him unpopular among the rank and file. Parks first five year term as chief ends in August 2002; reappointment is uncertain.
(x)Detective Russell Poole
As a L.A.P.D. Robbery/Homicide detective, Poole was a lead investigator in the Lyga-Gaines shooting and assisted in the Biggie Smalls murder case. He was later assigned to the Rampart Investigative Task Force. In 1999, Poole left the L.A.P.D. after 18 years on the force and has since filed a lawsuit against the department alleging that Chief Parks, and others, conspired to prevent a thorough investigation of corruption within the department. FRONTLINE interviewed Poole on February 6, 2001.
(x)Ruben Rojas
A leader in the Temple Street Gang, Rojas was arrested by Perez and other CRASH cops in March, 1997 for possession of cocaine. Rojas, who had previously served prison time for robbery, was returned to prison on the drug charge. Later, Perez confessed that the cocaine charge had been fabricated and Rojas was released from prison. He has settled his civil suit against the city for $1 million.
(x)Gregory Yates
A Los Angeles civil rights attorney, Yates initially came to the Rampart scandal through his representation of Ruben Rojas, who helped Yates recruit other gang members that had allegedly been framed by Perez and other CRASH cops. Yates represents over 60 Rampart clients and, at the time of his interview had settled 29 cases for nearly $11 million.
(x)Father John Bakas
Dean of St. Sophia Cathedral, located in the Byzantine Latino Quarter of Rampart, Bakas is a founding member of the Coalition to Improve the Quality of Life in Rampart.
(x)Dr. Mary Ann Hutchison
A psychologist, Dr. Hutchison moved from the west-side of Los Angeles to the Rampart community in 1999.

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