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the long road to war: Drawing on 12 years of reporting on Iraq, FRONTLINE chronicles the key moments in the history of Americas ongoing confrontation with Saddam Hussein
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the war behind closed doors (2003)the war behind closed doors
gunning for saddam (2002)gunning for saddam
the survival of saddam (2000)the survival of saddam
spying on saddam (1999)spying on saddam
the gulf war (1996)the gulf war
the mind of hussein (1991)
to the brink of war (1991)
the arming of iraq (1990)
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Saddam's Mind and Methods

* Interview with biographer Said Aburish
* Saddam's Gulf War miscalculations

The Failed Effort to Disarm Iraq

* Interviews: Saddam's bombmaker, UN inspectors
HIGH LOW VIDEO: Evading 1990s inspections

U.S. and Iraq

* The Bush Doctrine: Iraq and Beyond?
* Gulf War Interviews: Powell, Cheney, Baker ...

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The Long Road to War: A FRONTLINE Special Report

America appears to be within days of attacking Iraq. Many observers believe President Bush may soon signal to weapons inspectors, diplomats and members of the press that Iraq will come under fire and they should leave the country. Once again, the U.S finds itself about to battle Iraq, although this time it will likely not be part of a grand coalition. How did the nation come to the brink of war of another war with Saddam Hussein? In a two-hour special "The Long Road to War," FRONTLINE draws on its extensive archives of more than 12 years of reporting on Iraq to tell the history of the U.S. confrontation with Saddam. The special will examine how the West armed Iraq, the mind and methods of Saddam Hussein, the origins of the first Gulf War and its ragged end, the frustrating effort to disarm Iraq through U.N. inspections, how Saddam survived efforts to undermine his power, and the long-standing effort by Washington hawks to remove him.

published march 17, 2003